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A new month means a new addition to our top tech series. We bring you top ten tech and accessories under Rs 500 for a budget shopping spree this festive season!

Portronics Phoni Retro Handset

The Portronics Phoni is a cool accessory to replace your traditional earphones with something more retro. The handset has a nice matte finish and a grey colour that screams old school. The inline button to end or receive calls is a nice addition and the coiled cable just adds to the whole “landline” look.

Philips ActionFit Earphones

The Philips ActionFit Earphones are an adequate replacement to the default earphones you get with your smartphone. The earphones get really loud and even at the highest volume, the sound doesn’t shriek or get tinny, which happens with a lot of earphones in the price point however, there is no inline mic for calls. There is an included carrying pouch which is a nice touch by Philips.

Kodak Power Bank

This red coloured small power bank can come in handy when your phone is at 2% and you still have a long commute left. The capacity is only 2500 mAh and that makes it possible for the power bank to be compact. The main purpose of this power bank isn’t to power your device during a long hike but, to charge it during these small commutes or when a meeting gets extended and you need to keep the battery percentage in your phone intact.

Live Technology USB Hub

The LT USB hub has 4 USB 2.0 hubs that work simultaneously. The hub is well built and is very compact. It serves its purpose well and at the price point of under Rs 500, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

Taslar cable Winder

If you hate the sight of cables dangling about on your desk, then these cable winders are an easy solution which won’t break the bank. Three wires can be organised with one winders and it retails in a pair. Simply attach it to the back of your desk or wherever your plug points are, put the cables through it and have an organised desk.

Portronics USB Speaker

If you’re on the hunt for a speaker which is better than what you get on your laptop but, won’t cost a lot as well then these USB speaker is a safe bet. The speaker gets adequately loud and the inline volume scroller controls the volume of the speaker instead of the source it’s connected to. Unlike a lot of speakers in the price, the sound reproduction isn’t tinny and the sound stage is balanced instead of being heavy bass, which a lot of times results in shaky sound.

iVoltaa Smart Car Charger

The iVoltaa car charger has two USB ports to charge your devices. The charger automatically adjusts the voltage received from the vehicle so that your connected device always charges at a constant rate.

MoArmouz AUX cable

The company claims that this 3.5mm AUX cable can take up to 10000 bends. The cable is tangle free and the 3.5mm pins are gold plated which results in better sound reproduction.

Aeoss Waterproof Sport Armband

If you work out with your headphones on, you need to carry your phone with you. Running or jogging with a phone flailing about in your pocket can be annoying and that is where this armband comes in. It is waterproof to keep your phone safe from sweat or rain. The armband is light and spacious enough to keep two phones together. The bright colours make it useful for people who like outdoor running in the dark.

Photron Universal Travel Charger

If you travel abroad a lot and struggle with the different output pins, the this one stop solution is ideal for you. The Photron Travel Charger has three detachable compartments for you to choose from and and they all attach back to form a small adaptor that is easy to carry and can be thrown into the luggage without worrying about breaking it.

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