Ford Sues John Cena For Breach Of Contract

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Ford Sues John Cena For Breach Of Contract

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One of the most famous superstars in the Hollywood John Cena has been sued American car-maker Ford.

Last year, Ford handpicked 500 applicants out of total of about 7,000 aspirants to purchase the company’s new Ford GT. Some of those chosen were high-profile clients, such as John Cena. It was done as a marketing gimmick to show how cool and amazing the new car is. That, however, loses a bit of sheen when a celebrity goes ahead sells that car in less than a month since getting it.

That is exactly what John Cena did. He received the car on the 23rd of September, and sold it less than a month later, on the 20th of October. At the time of purchase, Cena had signed a contract with Ford which stated that he will keep the car for at least 2 years, which he didn’t.

The agreement, which John Cena signed, reads:

By signing this Order Confirmation Form you are verifying the following: … (B) You understand that being selected for the opportunity to purchase this vehicle is non-transferable and agree not to sell the vehicle within the first 24 months of delivery.

John Cena later confirmed in a phone conversation with Ford that he had sold the car, and promised to work with the company to make things right. However, Ford has said that this has not turned out the way it should have and is now suing Cena for damages. This is what the lawsuit reads:

Mr. Cena has unfairly made a large profit from the unauthorized resale flip of the vehicle, and Ford has suffered additional damages and losses, including, but not limited to, loss of brand value, ambassador activity, and customer goodwill due to the improper sale.

It will be interesting how this legal battle pans out.

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