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Top Tech Under Rs. 500

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After a holiday spending spree, maybe it’s time to look at some useful tech and accessories that won’t break the bank. iGyaan is back with its Top Tech series and this month, we’re checking out some of the best tech accessories under Rs. 500.

Deepcool N19 Laptop Cooler

At a price of Rs. 470, this laptop cooler does the job and it looks good while doing it. It has a blue LED light which glows when turned on and looks better than your average laptop coolers. It doesn’t lift up the laptop a lot, which means that it won’t hinder the comfort level of your laptop and connects via a standard USB port.

Amkette Xcite Neo Keyboard and Mouse Combo

An affordable combo of a USB keyboard and mouse, it is ideal for gamers who are just starting out. It would fit in perfectly with a budget gaming setup. The keys have a nice travel and ideal for gaming.

USB-C Dock

This can be a nice little desk accessory for people who own a smartphone that charges via a USB C port. It can fit almost every USB C smartphone and it keeps the device upright for easy access to lock screen notifications.


USB C is the future of smartphones and keeping up with that prospect, this USB-C OTG is ideal for travellers. Store all your media on a USB and connect to your phone via this USB-C OTG to preserve storage on your phone whilst keeping movies and songs with you on the go.

Gigza Clean Kit

A cleaning kit is a must-have accessory for any techie, or rather anyone who knows a gadget. This cleaning kit combo works perfectly to clean any tech accessory or gadget around you and it is very inexpensive as well.

Tizum Headphone Splitter

The Tizum headphone splitter is a great accessory for people who like sharing media with their friends or colleagues or anyone for that matter. It is well built and does the job for the price tag it has.

Smartphone Grip Ring

While pop sockets were all the rage in 2017, this smartphone grip ring is a more sturdy and well-built alternative. People with small hands and big phones would really appreciate this nifty gadget that can help them handle their phone in a more secure manner.

SIM Case

Priced at Rs. 499 it might invaluable for people who travel with a lot of SIM cards and microSD cards. It has a sticky surface that stores all the cards and even has the option to write the owner’s details at the back in case they misplace it and someone finds it. It is well-built and definitely worth the money it asks for.

Cable Ties

With lots of wires in the house, comes the responsibility of wire management. These reusable cable ties will help you keep a clean look of your desk by managing all the cables at the back. It is also helpful for storing all the cables you might not be using at that particular time and keeps the storage neat and tidy as well.

Shengshou Cube and Spinner

Moving on from the fidget spinner craze of 2017, these two gadgets can be extremely entertaining and keep you away from technology which can be good for you. They’re inexpensive and a great substitute to smartphone games to kill time on your commute to work or back home.

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