Google Wants Users To Encrypt Data Using A New Hardware Titan Security Key

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Google Wants Users To Encrypt Data Using A New Hardware Titan Security Key

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With the increase in internet traffic, the risk of falling victim to malicious threats has also increased. It has become rather unmanageable to keep up with all the security protocols, even simple tasks like changing passwords regularly can be an ordeal.  The lack of user safety and the number of increasing threats put your private data at risk. Google claims that it has kept its employee data safe since 2017 without ever facing a leak since. The company has been using a hardware encryption key called the Titan Security Key. Google is now selling this Titan Security Key to anyone who seeks a safer internet experience.

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How Does The Titan Security Key Work?

With Google’s two-step verification method, users have to use a special code to authenticate your login session. Instead of using a method of one-time codes via text message, with the Titan Security Key you just have to tap a button on the key. So, it works is just by replacing the hassle of trying to enter codes every time you want to log into a new machine.

Titan Security Keys work with many devices and apps, support FIDO protocol, and are built with a secure element and a firmware written by Google that verifies the integrity of security keys at the hardware level. Security keys are recommended for all users for stronger protection against phishing, enforcing security keys for admins and other high-value users should be the first step.


How To Set Up Titan Security Key?

To set up Google’s Titan Security Key users need to go to their Google Account settings and find the two-step verification section. From there the user gets the ability to add a key or keys. This will allow users to login in to google services and accounts by entering the ID and password and a quick tap on the button on the Titan key.

Titan Security Key

Pricing And Availability Of Titan Security Key

The Titan Security Key is available in two variants, a USB variant, and a Bluetooth variant. The USB version is available for $20 (Rs. 1,372.81 approx) and the Bluetooth variant costs $25 (Rs. 1,716.01 approx). However, Google is also selling both the devices as a bundle for $50 (Rs. 3,432.03 approx). While the key is available in the US, there is no word if and when the device will be available in India and rest of the world.


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