Fortnite For Android Requirements Leaked

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Fortnite For Android Requirements Leaked

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Even The Latest Flagship Smartphones Might Run The Game On Medium Settings
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The trend of online multiplayer games has picked up the pace in recent years. One such multiplayer game, Fortnite, places a total of 100 players to compete against each other. The players land on a common map where they shall find resources and fight to become the last one standing. As a result, it has become one of the most downloaded games across all major platforms, making it an extremely popular multiplayer game. It was on 25th July 2017, when the game finally launched on a mobile platform. The iOS devices like the iPhones and iPads were the ones to first receive the game on a mobile platform. While the Android version of the game will initially be exclusive to the Galaxy Note 9, it will later be available on a few other smartphones. However, even the smartphones which support the game may run it on medium settings.

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Fortnite On Android

This list of smartphone compatible with Fortnite on Android leaked a while ago on Fortnite’s website. The list included the likes of Google Pixel, Huawei Mate 10, Razer Phone, and Nokia 6. Interestingly enough, the “flagship killer” OnePlus 6 was absent from the list. According to some reports, the new list suggests that most 2018 flagship devices will support the game. However, the default settings on these smartphones will be medium. On 9th August, Samsung has scheduled its Unpacked event in which it will unveil the new Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Tab S4. The game could be launching on the Samsung App store when the new Galaxy devices are unveiled. For the first month at least, the game might be exclusive to Samsung smartphone owners.

Fortnite on Android

Image: List Of Fortnite Compatible Qualcomm Smartphones

It is apparent with this list that most 2018 smartphones will be able to run the game easily. However, the fact which doesn’t seem fit well is that these devices will run the game on the medium setting by default. While this could just be the bare-minimum specs, we plan on digging deeper to find out more. So stay tuned as more on this will be soon available. 

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