Top Tech Under 2000 November Edition

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Top Tech Under 2000 November Edition

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Every month we bring to you the best and the coolest gadgets from around the web. So here’s this month’s pick for the top tech gadgets and accessories and DIY tools for under Rs 200.

Foldable Keyboard

This foldable keyboard is a great accessory for all those who work on the go. Being a bluetooth keyboard, it can connect to your smartphone easily and at any point of time. The keyboard also comes with a stand, on which you can mount your phone. The keys are well spaced-out, but its not the best typing experience. However, considering its size, it offers great travel. It also has a micro USB charging port. It even has dedicated keys for Windows, iOS and more. Another interesting feature is the dedicated shutter button which lets you take selfies on your phone from the keyboard. Surely a top tech.

Smart Plug

This is a smart plug which connects to your Wi-Fi to function. You can then use an app through your smartphone to control the smart plug and turn it on and off.  The smart plug also has two USB ports which are turned on always, regardless of whether you turn on the plug or not. You can also set up schedules and timers as to when you want the plug to be turned on. You can also control it via Alexa and Google Assistant.

Bumper Laptop Sleeve

This Bumper Laptop Sleeve is as functional as good looking. It has a very sleek, non intrusive design and goes well in all kinds of environments. The laptop sleeve is built for 13.3 inch laptops. It has a rigid, rubber bumper on the outside, which will protect it from shocks and impact. It has a soft fabric lining on the inside, which also protects your laptop. The exterior bumper also has a very attractive design. The case opens from one side. The opening is magnetic and snaps back into place once you take your laptop out or place it in.

Wireless Air Mouse

This is a rechargeable wireless Air Mouse cum keyboard. This wireless mouse can connect to any TV or laptop and can be helpful in many ways. The wireless mouse lets you control your device easily, without the hassles of buttons. This is also useful in laptops in scenarios where you would have to get up again and again to access the controls. The mouse also has a keyboard on the back, which is useful for typing, both on TVs and on laptops. A very useful top tech.

Cordless Screwdriver

This is a great product for all those who love DIY projects and also for generally anybody who uses screws and screwdrivers regularly. The screwdriver has a great build quality and it also grips very well in your hand. On the front, it has an LED torch light, which helps you see the area ahead of it, to help you in dark conditions. It is rechargeable and has many different magnetic bits for each type of screw head. It has a 200 cycles per minute speed. The screwdriver also has three different speed modes.

USB Fingerprint Scanner

This is a portable, USB fingerprint scanner. This can be used on laptops and PCs and gives you security and convenience at the same time. The device is fairly easy to setup and can be used whenever you are on the go. It has Windows Hello support, making it trustworthy and secure. You just need to setup your fingerprint once, after which the sensor will help you unlock your system. Th fingerprint sensor is very fast and responsive and ensures a better user experience.

Tyre Pressure Gauge

The Michelin tyre pressure gauge is one of the most accurate tyre pressure gauges both in and around its price segment. The gauge comes with a keyring, which we felt is very convenient. The accuracy of the gauge is pretty high and gives you a clear idea about the air pressure levels in your tyres. It also has an inbuilt flashlight and a backlit display for use in darkness. You can measure the tyre pressure in PSI, BAR, KPA or Kg/cm. This range of options surely makes it very convenient.

Gas Leak Detector

This gas leak detector is a great gadget for in terms of both, functionality and safety. The detector gives out a loud alarm in case it detects a gas leak or incase the temperature outside rises a beyond limit. This includes Butane, CNG and more. It is really helpful and convenient and is a must have for almost everyone. A helpful top tech.

Gods Rudra Backpack

The Gods Rudra backpack is a water repellant laptop back. It is not only useful, but it looks great as well. The bag has a lot of storage and dedicated slots for many items or accessories you might use on a daily basis. It also has a reflective pair of ‘eyes’ on the back which reflect any light thrown at them. The eyes resemble Ironman and not only look really cool, they are handy for drivers to spot you if you are walking down the road or even riding a bike.

USB Type-C To HDMI Adapter

This USB Type-C to HDMI adapter is a great accessory for all those who have a USB Type-C port on their smartphones. The adapter can be used for connecting your phone or any other device for that matter, to an external display. It supports 4K at 60 Hz. You can also use it with laptops or tablets with a USB Type- port. The adapter is made from good quality aluminium and is a great accessory to have.

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