PUBG’s Player Count Increases Again, First Time After January 2018

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PUBG’s Player Count Increases Again, First Time After January 2018

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PUBG has been locking horns with other popular games with a similar play style, like Fortnite, for a long time now. Fortnite had surpassed PUBG in terms of number of concurrent players and PUBG has been fighting back.

What Happened?

In January, PUBG had recorded a concurrent player number of around 3.2 million and as of the time of writing this article, the game has a total of 1,083,312 users in it’s 24 hour peak. The widely popular game has started with a bang, but saw reduction in the number of players since June 2018. The reduction in the number was gradual and did not happen suddenly.

This indicated that the players were either moving on to other games or were bored of playing PUBG. But with the release of the new snow map, it seems like players are coming back. China, Korea and India are massive markets for PUBG players while the United States plays Fortnite majorly. The +7.04% gain in players comes after ten months of falling numbers. Fortnite on the other hand, topped the list in November setting a new milestone of reaching 200 million concurrent players.

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PUBG has also been riddled in controversy with the company recently banning major teams and players for cheating after an anti cheat software went live. The map hack allowed the players to see their enemies on the mini map constantly giving them a tactical edge over the others. Other games like Call of Duty Black Ops also led to the loss in the number of players. The much anticipated game’s release saw a significant drop in the player numbers. But with the new Vikendi map and newer faster and better play styles, PUBG might make a strong comeback. PUBG also seems to be listening to their players and adding or fixing problems that are reported. They recently made small changes that has improved the overall gaming experience after listening to feedback.

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