Samsung Is Developing A Rollable TV

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Samsung Is Developing A Rollable TV

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Samsung is not only the worlds number one smartphone manufacture, it is also a leader in display technologies. A patent granted to the company reveals they are working on a TV with a rollable display. 

Rollable TV Patent
  • Space Saving- This is one apparent benefit of owning a television with a rollable dipslay. Such a TV can be rolled into its casing which will free up the space surrounding the TV set. In addition, transporting a compact rollable TV would be much easier in comparison to a conventional flat screen TV. This will reduce logistics and costs to allow the TV to become cheaper.
  • Tough – Due to its flexible nature, the display panel wont break easily unlike glass panels on currently available Televisions. The currently available TVs are prone to breaking if hit by a sharp object. Whereas the flexible panel would be harder to break and the shell protecting the display can further increase its life. Such a device would be a perfect fit of homes with toddlers and growing up teens.   
  • Variable Aspect Ratio- Future TVs with rollable display can have variable aspect ratio as the outer shell can be opened to a particular width to alter its aspect ratio. 
Samsung’s Rollable TV Patent

Samsung Electronics filed a patent with USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) for a TV with a rollable display which has been granted. The patent reveals a wide screen television that can fold in to a close packed form factor. The stand of the TV with rollable display acts as the base when it is in the closed state. The rollable display and the rolling mechanism is concealed behind the side protection covers of the device.

The flexible LED panel rolls out on either sides to transform into a full screen television. The mechnaism of the TV from Samsung’s patent is quite similar to that of a roller blind. The top and bottom sides of the  flexible LED panel has grooves that interlock when in closed state. Another patent illustration reveals that the base of the stand has a rack and pinion cogged mechanism which will likely be controlled with the help of motors. 

Lg Already showcased a vertically rollable POLED based TV which has a different design from this patent. ( See Top Image.) 

Launch Date

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Even tough Samsung has not announced the launch date of a Television with a rollable display. The details of the patent indicate that such a device could launch soon. Perhaps the company can showcase a rollable TV at one of the upcoming tech events like CES or IFA 2019. 

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