Google To Initiate Deleting Google+ Photos and Pages, Starting April 2

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Google To Initiate Deleting Google+ Photos and Pages, Starting April 2

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Google made an announcement regarding its decision to shut down Google+ in the latter part of 2018. We all saw it coming, and so did Google, because they are about to start removing the majority of content from Google Plus. That’s what their blog and their support page says. 

Reason For Shutdown

This shut-down was initiated because they were unable to tackle challenges involved in maintaining a successful product, according to Google. As per source, 90 percent of user sessions on Google+ don’t even last five seconds. Also, last year, Google shut down Google Plus for consumers after an audit turned up with the discovery of an exploit. In the above-mentioned links, Google laid out their exit strategy for Google+. The process will be slow, but all for the greater good. 

Timeline For The Shutdown

Starting February, you will not be able to create a new Google+ profile, pages or any community. Once this happens, Google will start removing all Google+ accounts, along with all other information. This will include photos, videos and any form of content that has been uploaded to Google Plus in the past. The deletion will start on April 2, but as Google estimates, it will take a lot of time. 

How Do Existing Users Improvise?

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Meanwhile, Google is providing detailed instructions to all its users regarding the Google+ Self-Service portal. The users can back up their data as per their requirement. All the pictures will be backed up in Google Photos. The Google Plus sign-in buttons will be removed from the Blogger pages. They may be replaced by Google Sign-in buttons. In addition to this, Google will br shutting down all of it’s Google Plus APIs. This is a bell for the developers so that they may move to alternatives, if they’re using any of these APIs. Hopefully, such a change is only for the better, so that Google may hint at a new take on Social Media yet again. Who knows? 




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