Account Linking Coming Soon To Instagram

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Account Linking Coming Soon To Instagram

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks today. But the teenagers and younger generations aren’t much interested in the platform. The reason facebook is able to  hold on to it audience is largely because of its unified login platform. A feature that is finally trickling down to Instagram as well. Instagram has proven to be mighty successful among the younger audience. 

The feature may be enough for users to keep using Instagram and ditch Facebook completely. But this feature should be more useful if more website allow Instagram login. This would allow them to login to websites without creating an additional account.

Account Linking On Instagram


The feature coming soon to Instagram, will soon allow users to select a primary account. More accounts could then be linked to the primary accounts. This would make managing pages very easy, just like it was the case with Facebook. The code that was leaked makes things pretty clear.

Google too has a login platform of their own. But, with more people now using two factor authentication after concerns for privacy and security of their Gmail accounts, the process becomes tedious. The reason that Facebook decided to do the same for Instagram, may be due to the exponentially increasing popularity of the platform. This may also attract more millennials  to the platform.

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Instagram is slowly becoming the profile for a person’s online identity. Facebook’s recent privacy failures may sway people away from the parent  platform.  A Facebook account is not mandatory to access this feature and, all your accounts will be synced into one for easier access.

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