Google Pixel 2 Spotted Running Android Q Beta On Geekbench

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Google Pixel 2 Spotted Running Android Q Beta On Geekbench

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Mountain View, California based Google is soon expected to release the first Android Q beta for Pixel smartphones. Before its official rollout,  a Google Pixel 2 smartphone running the aforementioned version of Android has been spotted on Geekbench. The device secures a single core score of 1856 points and a multi-core score of 6307 points which is comparable to a device running Android 9 Pie.

Although Google has not yet confirmed the date of the rollout, the listing indicates that the update will be dispensed soon. Last year, the company released the first Android P developer preview for Pixel smartphones on the 7th of March. For at least a few weeks, the developer preview will only be exclusive for Google Pixel smartphones which will later be followed by devices of other OEMs. Notably, a Google executive in a podcast announced that updates of Android Q public beta will be rolled to several other devices as well. 

What Features Will Android Q Bring To The Table?

With every Android update, Google strives to make the mobile OS smooth and bug-free. Therefore, the first and foremost change with Android Q will be speed and performance optimisation. A notable feature, that Android Q is confirmed to bring is system-wide dark mode. This feature will especially be useful for users of smartphones with an OLED display as it will prolong the battery life of the device. Other possible features that the upcoming Android update is believed to improve or add are as follows:

  • Inbuilt Screen Recording Support – As the name suggests, it allows the user to record the media or games that are being displayed on the screen. With the surge in mobile games streaming, this feature has been in high demand. Although this feature could have been added to any Android device running versions below Android Q with the help of 3rd party applications, an inbuilt screen recorded would surely be appreciated.
  • Desktop Mode – This feature will allow the user to project the display the contents of their Android device on a large screen. Hence, an Android device could be used as a desktop computer. Companies including Samsung and Huawei in the past have included a similar feature on their Android devices. However, the integration of this feature on a deeper level will result in better performance. Also, it will end the exclusivity which the users of a handful of companies are able to enjoy.  
  • Improved Facial Recognition – Facial recognition is not a new feature that Android Q will bring. However, the latest update will further enhance the feature so that it is faster and more secure than before. 

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Other features of the Android Q will only be revealed once Google officially lifts the curtains off its latest software offering.


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