Battlefield V Firestorm Aims Towards Taking Over The Battle Royale Genre

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Battlefield V Firestorm Aims Towards Taking Over The Battle Royale Genre

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In a never-ending clash of being the best battle royale game in the world, major game developers are entering the arena with their own Battle Royale versions of popular games. Call of Duty introduced the survival game mode to their franchise with Blackout in October 2018, and now there is another contender on the line. Battlefield V is adding Firestorm mode to the game which introduces some insane Battle Royale elements to the game.

Firestorm Features

While Battlefield may be late to the Battle Royale party, it sure did so in style. The trailer showcases all the necessary characteristics of a Battle Royale Game, and so much more. For starters, the game mode sports a map which is almost 10 times bigger than the BFV (Battlefield V) multiplayer map, Hamana. And Hamana as a map is very huge. The map is just one part of the whole experience.

Throughout the massive map, players will be able to contest objectives such as resupply points and upon successfully doing so, they will be rewarded with special safes that will contain upgraded equipment. Another intriguing feature added to the game includes the ability to use a pistol when a player is knocked down. Using the pistol, the downed player can defend himself/herself against approaching enemies and can even kill them off if they are low on health points.

Paying attention to the fact that the map takes forever to traverse, the developers have included a total of 17 different vehicles in the game, some of which are, let’s just say, “unconventional”. Players can find prototype helicopters with inbuilt miniguns, Schwimmwagens (which can function on the ground as well as in the water) and the bright coloured tractor which captured a lot of attention, and for the right reasons. Players can explore rare vehicle lockups to discover tanks on the battlefield, which are nearly unstoppable except for the fact that players can use anti-tank weaponry to tear them down

Price And Availability

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Battle Royale is a hot genre right now, as mentioned before, so it will not be very difficult to turn attention towards this game. Battlefield already has a loyal player base, and those players will be more than eager to play the Firestorm game mode and show off their skills. As of now, it is not confirmed whether the game is free-to-play or not, but it will face some serious competition from games like PUBG, Fortnite and the recently released Apex Legends (which is also published by EA). Microsoft is giving away a free copy of the game with the purchase of the Xbox One Console. The game will be available on March 25.


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