Intel’s Leaked Roadmap Reveals No Signs Of A 10nm CPU Till 2022

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Intel’s Leaked Roadmap Reveals No Signs Of A 10nm CPU Till 2022

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More and more companies are adopting the 10nm fabrication process for their processors, but Intel does not seem to be affected in the least, as a leaked roadmap for the company’s future CPUs reveals that Intel will not be releasing any 10nm based processors anytime soon. 10nm processors offer considerable improvements over current generation 14nm fabricated processors. For starters, 10nm CPUs have closely placed transistors, implying that signals travel at a higher speed between various components of the chipset. Moreover, since the transistors are closely placed, power consumption is noticeably reduced. It seems, however, that Intel has some plans of its own.

Intel Coffee Lake CPUs

First leaked on April 24 by a Dutch website, the roadmap highlights Intel’s key plans over the next two years. As per the roadmap, the company will launch a whole new refreshed lineup of Coffee Lake CPUs in the latter half of 2019. Intel will then follow up the Coffee Lake processors with the Comet Lake series of processors in the early half of the year 2020. Since Intel often labels its desktop processors as the “S-series”, it’s clearly visible in the roadmap that Intel will keep working on 14-nm S-series processors until 2022. 

Intel Tiger Lake CPUs

Another highlighting fact is that the company has marked its upcoming 10nm “Tiger Lake” processors as TBD, or To Be Decided. Tiger Lake architecture-based CPUs will be released as the “U-series”, and they will be specifically targeted towards mobile devices such as laptops. Planned for release somewhere in the second quarter of the year 2021, the TBD label on the aforementioned CPUs may mean that the company might have different plans for them. 

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Furthermore, as mentioned previously, Intel will release the Comet Lake desktop CPU range based on the 14nm process in the second quarter of the year 2020. The processors will feature a 10-core architecture. Also, in the year 2021, Intel will provide an overhaul to the Comet Lake lineup, which will then be called the “Rocket Lake” series. It may be possible that Intel is actually developing a 10nm desktop CPU that may be announced in the near future. Even if the roadmap shows otherwise, fans should take this news with a grain of salt, as the company hasn’t provided a statement regarding the same yet. 

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