Konami Celebrates 20 Years Of Contra With Anniversary Bundle

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Konami Celebrates 20 Years Of Contra With Anniversary Bundle

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Every so often the phrase “only 90s kid will remember..” pops up. Whatever said after can be either ridiculous or hilarious. However, nothing will hold a meaning more true to the phrase than Contra. Konami, the developer behind Contra, has bundled the original game alongside different variants from different country releases and its sequels on the game’s 20th Anniversary.

The game that was released in 1987 to critical acclaim worldwide. Starting as a run and gun shooter game in the arcades, Contra’s port to the PC and the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) cemented its near legendary status. 20 years passed and it is still remembered as a ‘classic’ that 90s kid adored when they were younger, playing with siblings or friends for hours on end.

The basic premise of the game had the player battling enemies, both humans and aliens, as military personnel. The setting and timeline depended on the country where the game is released, but more often than not it was a futuristic shooter. The official Japanese release set the game in 2633 A.D.

The game’s popularity had seen it ported to various systems, namely PC, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and MSX2, from the Arcade original. Konami’s Contra Bundle is to feature the Hard Corps and Operation C variant while also including the European adaptation Probotector and Super Probotector alongside the Original 4 titles (Contra, Super Contra, Super C and Contra 3)

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Konami has also announced that the free updates will bring the Japanese versions of Contra and Super Contra to the collection as well. No drastic changes to the gameplay will be made but tweaks for a better overall experience on the PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One. The bundle is set to be released this summer along with bundles of Castlevania and other timeless arcade games carrying a price tag of $20 (approx. Rs.1,400)

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