Bethesda Roundup E3 2019

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Bethesda Roundup E3 2019

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Bethesda Game Studio’s kicked off its E3 2019 announcements with the keynote on June 9th. The keynote featured some great reveals and information regarding a lot the studios much-awaited game titles and projects. Bethesda however, has decided to not give out any details regarding The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield, two of its arguably best titles.

Project Orion

With the advent of game streaming services arrival to mainstream audiences and markets globally, Bethesda announced its own stance on it. Orion is a software that essentially optimizes game engines for online streaming services. It will make games run better on streaming platforms like Google’s Stadia and Microsoft xCloud. The selling point is the fact that it can reduce latency by upto 20% per frame and lower the bandwidth demands by an impressive 40% as claimed by Bethesda. The software is open to any platform and will be compatible with any game engine as said by the company.

Doom Eternal Release Date


Doom Eternal will be one of the first few new titles that will bring the debut wave of many game streaming services. The company showcased this feature by playing Doom on a mobile platform. A new trailer of the run-and-gun shooter game has been unveiled with its new story. Exciting new locations were seen in the trailer with many more demons to slay. November 22nd is the official release date in the year-end of 2019.

Arkane’s Deathloop

The live press conference by Bethesda unveiled a fresh new game title, an always welcomed sight in the industry. Arkane studios best known for its critically acclaimed Dishonored series is back with a new take on its action-adventure genre of games. Deathloop will be from a first-person perspective that will have two assassins, primarily, fighting in an ‘eternal struggle’. The focus of the campaign will have players explore environments hunt down targets all over the island to put an end to the endless cycle of death and revival.

Wolfenstein: Young Blood


Bethesda’s announcement last year of the upcoming Wolfenstein spin-off game finally got an actual release date. Wolfenstein: Youngblood is launching on July 26th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch. The game will bring a unique 80s vibe to the game with an emphasis on co-op form of gameplay.

Elder Scrolls On The Switch


Bethesda is seeking to bring its hit mobile version of its famous game title Elder Scrolls to the Nintendo Switch. Elder Scrolls: Blades, was recently launched to the mobile on open beta. The game is a free-to-play dungeon crawler that will ship with cross-play compatibility and cross-progression with its existing mobile variants.

Major Fallout 76 Update


The infamous entry to the popular Fallout series, Fallout 76, is an always online co-op and quest based looter-shooter. The game has received major backlash from gamers and media globally due to false advertising, buggy gameplay, lag and the worst of all predatory form of monetisation in a paid game. This update will seek to revert the negative PR with NPCs from the hit single player titles making an entry, seeking to branch out more storylines with new quests. ‘Wastelands’, the new update, will also bring a 52-person battle royale mode called “Nuclear Winter”.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Shinji Mikami at Bethesda’s E3 keynote revealed his studio’s next big project. Ghostwire: Tokyo is an action-adventure game title. The premise revolves around a horror setting with people mysteriously vanishing in the city of Tokyo. Although, even if it is a horror game by the Resident Evil creator, it will highlight action-oriented combat as a key point in gameplay. Shinji Mikami’s Tango Gameworks latest work includes The Evil Within series.

Commander Keen Mobile


The 90s hit side-scrolling action game Commander Keen is being revisited. However, the title is gonna be different from the past with its new free-to-play tag. The cartoon-styled mobile game will receive a soft launch this summer on both the Android and iOS.

Rage 2 Expansion


Rage 2 is receiving a big expansion dubbed the “rise of the ghosts”. The post-apocalyptic first-person shooter gets an addition of new quests, weaponry, and vehicles. The most anticipated addition in gameplay is the new mech suits. Release date is still uncertain but it is confirmed to hit the shelf later on in this year 2019.

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Bethesda with its diverse lineup of new game entries and healthy updates to pre-existing titles seek to undo the negative press it had garnered over the past year. Tell us about your favourite upcoming game title that you look forward to experiencing in the comment section below.

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