Nintendo Announces Switch Lite, An Affordable Portable Gaming Console

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Nintendo Announces Switch Lite, An Affordable Portable Gaming Console

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Nintendo is one of the most recognisable name in the gaming industry. The company is famous for its popular game title like Mario to even its consoles like the legendary NES. Now, the company has announced the launch of its latest portable gaming console catered to a more affordable range of audiences. The Switch Lite will be a smaller device that is exclusively built for handheld play.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Design & Features

The smaller iteration of the Nintendo Switch had been rumoured prior to its official announcement. The Switch Lite sports a 5.5 inch 720p display which is slightly smaller than the 6.2 inch found on the original. It is built on a compact form factor for exclusive hand held gaming. In other words, users cannot remove the side controllers as you could before since the design isn’t built with modularity in mind. This also implies users sacrifice the option to connect to a TV or play certain popular games on the Switch Lite. The device does not feature a light sensor so brightness must be adjusted manually. 

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo claims that the Switch Lite offers better battery life than the original Switch. The portable gaming console can play almost every game than the original could apart from the ones that specifically involved the Switch Joy-Cons being removed or played on portrait. The company will build prompts on its online shop to lets users know which games are not compatible with the Lite version. It is built on a single piece which means most of the body is a single colour such as yellow, grey, turquoise and even a Pokémon Sword and Shield edition. The device has a matte finish on its compact form factor.

Price & Availability 

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be sold for $199 which is $100 cheaper than its elder sibling. It is priced lower for a streamlined Switch experience with fewer features and certain inflexibilities. For the lower price users also skip out on TV compatibility, Tablet mode, HD Rumble and IR Motion Camera. However, it would not discourage its prospective buyers that are loyal to the Nintendo ecosystem.

Nintendo Switch Lite

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Switch was a popular portable console that had won hearts across the globe. The new Switch Lite from Nintendo intends to do the same while banking on the popularity of its original iteration. Its new lower price point will make the price of entry more approachable in many different countries like India. Updates regarding the device’s launch in India will be provided soon as and when more informations is available.

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