PUBG Mobile Lite Released In India

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PUBG Mobile Lite Released In India

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Tencent Corp, the game studio famous for porting the massively popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to smartphones have just launched a new game. Owing to the explosive success of the original PUBG Mobile, Tencent Games have released a new watered-down version of the game named PUBG Mobile Lite. The game was in beta for a while now and has finally been launched in India.

So What’s New?

PUBG Mobile Lite is similar to PUBG Lite which was also launched with toned down graphical fidelity in comparison to its original. PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile are taxing games on their respective platforms, hence, to lower the barrier of entry a Lite version was launched for both titles. Here is a list of some of the new mechanics you will find in PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite

  • Aim Assist:
    PUBG Mobile utilized an aim assist system to aids its players aiming during gameplay. PUBG Mobile Lite takes it even further by enhancing this feature, mking it much more prmoinent. In the game, we were able to hip fire enemy combatants from range which was impossible in past iterations.
  • Recoil Control:
    In efforts for streamlining the experience, the game features heavily supressed recoil when firing different guns. It means that there is less kick when firing which also better aids aiming and firing.
  • Higher Time To Kill:
    PUBG Mobile Lite has significantly raised the TTK of the game. In other words, each player takes a lot more damage before being downed or eliminated completely. According to Tencent, the balancing was introduced to test and encourage a more aggressive style of gameplay.
  • Heal While Moving:
    Players are now able to heal or use boosters while moving. It is a feature which is also going to be introduced in PUBG PC and soon across other titles within the franchise. The new feature is much needed and will ensure better survivability during tense gun fights.
  • New Map & Smaller Amount Of Players:
    Currently, the only map offered in the game is an updated version of Eragnel. The map changes will also be reflected in other games and have been made for a narrative direction in the future. Notably, unlike other PUBG titles, the total amount of people dropping in to fight it out are just 60. It is lower than the other games in the franchise which featured 100 players.
  • Smaller Download Size:
    The new game from Tencent is about four times smaller than the original PUBG Mobile. The latter has a download size of about 2GB while the former fall just under 500MB in size. 

PUBG Mobile Lite

First Look & Hands On

We fired up PUBG Mobile Lite on a low-end smartphone to test the minimum requirements of the game. It looks and plays almost identically to PUBG Mobile but with the lowest graphical settings. Speaking of which, graphical settings are not available for fine tuning in the game, rather the option itself is not present. While playing the game, we found it extremely easy to get kills in the game and have already achieved a “Chicken Dinner” on the second run. The game is highly rewarding and can be picked up by just about anyone.

PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite is an extremely easy game to get into and for those who wish to experience PUBG without dealing with experienced players, they can try this game right now. Unfortunately, since the game is relatively new, it still suffers from the annoying bot problems owing to a general lack of players. The problem is expected to soon be solved once more players join in. For seasoned PUBG Mobile players, this game will be right up there an area of expertise.

Availability & Conclusion

Tencent claims that the game was optimized for areas with an unstable network connection and will run on a minimum of 2GB RAM. The company made the decision to lower the entry to an authentic PUBG experience. Ironically, while playing the game we managed to get affected with occasional latency issues and even disconnection on a stable network connection. This could partly be due to the fact only two servers are currently offered.

PUBG Mobile Lite

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We recommend casual gamers to try out the game as it still offers a true PUBG experience. The game is currently available in Google’s Play Store and is free to play. Comment down below on your experience with PUBG Mobile Lite and stay tuned for more gaming related news on iGyaan

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