PUBG Lite Will Soon Introduce Team Death Match Alongside New Lite Pass

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PUBG Lite Will Soon Introduce Team Death Match Alongside New Lite Pass

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PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is a massively popular multiplayer online shooter. It is set in the battle royale genre and has 100 people dropping into a large map that fight to be the last man standing. PUBG Lite was introduced last month and featured similar mechanics whilst being easier to run on lower specced PCs.

Now, the game is being further streamlined into the PUBG experience with the inclusion of Team Deathmatch and Lite Pass which basically is a seasonal Battle Pass.

4v4 Team Deathmatch

PUBG Corp. is making the move to bring the game more in line with its other entries by adding more content to the current barebones game. In Team Deathmatch, two teams of 4 battle it out in a much smaller arena. Unlike the regular battle royale mode, players do not get eliminated permanently. Rather they respawn after a short duration of time and get back into the fight. The goal of this game mode is to reach the maximum number of kills.


In PUGB Mobile, the objective is to gather up to 40 elimination of enemy players to win. Hence, it is safe to assume the objective remains more or less the same in PUBG Lite. Furthermore, it is reported that the map will be set in a warehouse with both teams spawning on either end. It is very much in line with PUBG Mobile’s team deathmatch arena so players should feel right at home.

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Posted by PUBGLITE on Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Lite Pass

As mentioned earlier, the developers behind the game wish to make the game robust which means content being added. So, to give players more incentive to play via challenges and rewards, a battle pass feature is also being introduced. PUBG Lite battle pass has been aptly named as “Lite Pass”. The base Lite Pass is free and is available to all players. It will reward players that complete their specified missions. Additionally, a premium version of the battle pass is also being offered. The paid version will have players receiving more rewards and exclusive in-game items while levelling up.


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PUBG Lite is free to play so any person interested can try the game as well. Conclusively, the new update is a healthy update to the game and help draw in more players in the arriving weeks after. Stay tuned on iGyaan for more gaming related content.

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