Google+ gets new Multi-Column card design and Auto-Hashtags

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Google+ gets new Multi-Column card design and Auto-Hashtags

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Google at the I/O conference has launched a new design of their social networking site, Google+. Users on Google+will be seeing their social content in a new way thanks to a multi-column format fit for any size screen.

 The design consists of a maximum of 3 columns populated with individual cards for posts and pictures, almost to replicate Pinterest type UI. Columns appear or disappear depending upon the size of your screen, and cards can be flipped to reveal editing options, the cards can also be moved around. 

Identical to Facebook’s left side menu, Google+ has also added a similar menu to help in the navigational traits. The Videos and Pictures will span to the width of the screen across multiple columns for a nicer looking experience.  Google clarified that the new design is responsive and will adjust to screen sizes. In addition, this 3-column layout will make its way across devices.

Incase you like the original format, you can continue on the old design and say boo to the new Google + format. 

Among the new features of Google+ is the ability to flip an image and look at related pictures under similar Hashtags. A feature called Auto Enhance will analyze and apply tweaks to your uploaded photos. The auto enhance feature will include fairly simple adjustments like brightness, contrast, color correction, noise reduction, tonal distribution, and saturation, but it will also make some more intensive changes. 

“Auto Awesome” detects the kinds of photos you take, Google is going to try to make other improvements. Uploading a series of similar photos taken in a short period of time,  will automatically make an animated GIF out of it on Google+.


The new Social Network design will also automatically pick out best pictures and ignore the blurry ones. This feature will choose the “best” photos to show off. To cite an example, Multiple images from an event will be scanned and only the good ones will be automatically shared, the remaining will remain pending for approval.

Google also focuses on unified messaging service with the new Hangouts which is now integrated into the Google+ redesign. Google is releasing Hangout apps for Android, iOS, and Chrome (as well as integration with Gmail). In this move Google will get rid of Google Talk, Google Messenger, and Video Hangouts and everything will be replaced with the new Hangouts.

Google still promises the features launched earlier for Google+ like unlimited uploads for photos under 2048-pixels wide, a fullscreen picture viewer, and 15GB of free space for for photos that cross the size limit.


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