Express Yourself with Doodles, Doodly Doo

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Express Yourself with Doodles, Doodly Doo

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Messaging apps have become very popular, specifically applications like WhatsApp. These apps allows one to send and receive not only text messages but also images, videos, locations, audio the recent feature and some songs as well.

Making up doodles or expressing your self was first spread out by the Samsung’s Note series, using that one could easily sketch anything down and share it seamlessly. But the default S note is limited to certain things only.

However, for doodling its not necessary that you would need a stylus, as not all phones supports one. We are talking about the app that can help you to express your opinion in a different way, the app is called ‘Doodly Doo’.

Doodly Doo is an app that allows you to doodle anything that you imagine or to take the artist out of you. You can simply draw anything on the app, there are many brush size options along with a lot of color options. You can also take inputs from the camera, gallery, maps, google images and can also add text, rage faces, smileys and greetings to make your ideas of sketching better.

You can simply use the map option to direct someone where you exactly are, and give your personal message on it. And the greeting option shows up greetings for occasions like Happy birthday, Anniversary and ‘Alot’ more.

The app plays back the doodle on the receiver’s screen exactly the same way it is drawn. Users can also post these doodles to their Facebook, WhatsApp and even send links to watch these doodles to the ones who don’t use this app through SMS.

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