SOLAR Freaking Roadways: The Solution to Everything

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SOLAR Freaking Roadways: The Solution to Everything

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Picture a future with no street lights, but the road it self lit up. A road that warns you about blockages like fallen trees, giant boulders, crossing animals way in advance. A road that melts snow instantly, thereby no slipping cars. Not just roads but imagine parking stands, sidewalks, airport tarmacs and playgrounds that have programmable lights which work according to your requirement. Oh yes, they can also power themselves and everything around them with the awesome powers of the Sun.  And here is the best part, this can be made possible in the present itself. Prepare yourself because the most freaking amazing invention of all time is about to be unleashed across the world and they are called SOLAR FREAKING ROADWAYS.

In the last few decades we haven’t seen a single major infrastructural innovation apart from the telecommunication revolution. The fact of the matter remains that neither Facebook, nor twitter nor any other app is ever going to bring real tangible development. We need to create cities which look like the fantasies of people who came before us. We have stopped investing in real world infrastructure. There needs to be massive R&D investment to make the next generation transportation apparatus possible.

Julie and Scott Brusaw, inventors of Solar Roadways

Julie and Scott Brusaw, inventors of Solar Roadways

Enter into the scene, Julie and Scott Brusaw. They are the mild mannered master builders(Lego movie anyone) and inventors of solar roadways. These guys are real life pioneers who might go unnoticed in a crowd but they have invented something that the future humans will thank us for, instead of blaming us for all the destruction they will face because of our greenhouse emissions.

The video makes the concept pretty clear. It’s a smart roadway which can practically make our tar roadways extinct. The solar panels are hard and strong. They are imbedded with intelligent circuitry and made almost entirely with recyclable materials. They also produce clean energy, which might put an end to the dirty smog that has taken over major cities around the world. We may actually reach a shortage of garbage when this project reaches full potential.

Solar roadways are also probably the safest road possible. Their LED infused circuitry and intelligent electronics connected with optical fibers help to monitor their situation constantly.

This is in fact a revolutionary idea which can be put into place right away with the available technology of the present. Some of the biggest names in the tech world are realizing the importance of infrastructural innovation and have started to invest heavily into such projects. One such person is Elon Musk who offered an audacious idea last year called the Hyperloop. According to Google founder Larry Page, he would rather give his billions to Elon Musk than charity because of his avant garde developmental ideas.


The Hyperloop can change our existing Railway models

The Hyperloop is a high-speed transportation system which incorporates reduced-pressure tubes in which pressurized capsules ride on a cushion of air that is driven by a combination of linear induction motors and air compressors.It is a lot cheaper than to install than the conventional intercity railway model and futuristic too.

Coming back to the star of the moment, the best part about the Solar Roadways is the fact that they pay for themselves. They not just provide the safest mode of transport; they also generate free electricity for all, which will end our addiction to coal and gas forever.  We don’t need those massive transmission lines anymore.

We have finally unlocked the knowledge that the plants and trees figured out almost 350 million years ago. We can now harvest the energy of the sun for all our purposes.

The only suggestion we would like to give the inventor is that they should adopt a better marketing strategy. Even though they have a prototype contract with the Federal Highway Administration, there website is not enticing enough for a common man to get excited about the prospects of their  prodigious invention.

Lets share this incredible revolutions with all and demand our lawmakers to start finding ways to break ground for the induction of Solar Freaking Roadways all across the word. And then maybe we can invent Lightcycles too, and live in a scintillating Tron-like universe.

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