GTA V to have First-Person Mode, PS4 and Xbox One First to Receive Update

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GTA V to have First-Person Mode, PS4 and Xbox One First to Receive Update

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Rockstar Games, the owner of Grand Theft Auto franchise, unveiled a new footage of Grand Theft Auto from the version set for release on the PS4 and Xbox One on 18th November, and on PC on 27th January, 2015.

There are so many new things about this version, Grand Theft Auto V, but this time around, Rockstar has delivered more than a technical upgrade – it’s given players an entirely new way of playing the game. The GTA maker has added a mode to this version where you can play it out in the first-person. According to the company, this mode will be customisable, so you can play from a first-person perspective while walking around on foot and while driving, but not during a gunfight while hiding behind cover.


“It’s a very intense, in-your-face experience… literally,” says Rob Nelson, the GTA 5 Animation Director. “Obviously, we felt like one of the most compelling things you could do to make an experience people have had before feel different was the new first-person mode.”

This new perspective will also give you a better view of the amazing graphics all over the San Andreas, including pedestrian and traffic density, a farther draw distance, and more real weather effects. It also changes how you’ll experience the story, as events that take place in a mission happen around you rather than from the zoomed out view you got in the original.

Along with better graphics, Rockstar has thrown a bunch of little improvements into the world of Grand Theft Auto V. The developer has stated that there will be 20 new species of wildlife, 150 new songs, more random chatter from pedestrians and 32 new vehicles.


Ahead of the release of GTA V for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Rockstar also announced the release of limited edition collection of the game’s music on both CD and Vinyl. Through a partnership with Mass Appeal Records, the soundtrack collection will go on sale in December.

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