Winter is Coming: Gadgets You Need Before the Cold Bites

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Winter is Coming: Gadgets You Need Before the Cold Bites

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The winter season is almost here. If you are living in places of higher elevation, you might have already started experiencing the chills. Now winters are the best season to step outside if you live in the tropical side of the planet, but the drippy nose sure spoils the fun. Well, in the age of technology, there is a lot of stuff you can get that can keep you warm while letting you hit that picnic that you’ve been waiting for through the grueling summer months.

We decided to present some tech fixes to battle the chill and make the best of this season.

1.    USB Heated Blanket


You are in an office where the most protection you get from the winter is the layers of clothes you put on yourself. Well, there is a savior for you to get warm and cozy while others shiver around you. The blanket comes with a heating pad which can be removed for washing, you know because all that heat is bound to induce some sweat off you.

2.    USB heated Gloves

USB heating gloves

With the body taken care of, its time to address the issue of the parts of the body that are mostly exposed, the hands. Here a USB heated gloves will come in handy. The best part of this “device” is that even when it stops working, it would still be a working pair of gloves.

3.    USB heated Mouse pad

If you are not into gloves then, there is a convenient option for you. The mouse pad comes with a heating plate that heats it up to a comfortable temperature. This might literally be the first thing you’ll dip your hands into. And looking at the funky design options that are offered, you’d want to have these babies everywhere.

4.    Earmuff’s with inbuilt headphones

You might be asking right about now, we get that, USB’s are a great source of preserving body heat, but what about the commute to office? Well technology has even got you back here. Headphones are a must for the commute but what if they keep those exposed ears covered while you take the arduous journey to your workspace.

5. Xiaomi 10400mAh Mi Power Bank

Xiaomi power bank 10400 0

Now that we have listed all the cool stuff that you can use to feel warm and cozy, the power source comes into question. Not everyone has an office job so how do you get the juice to your warmer devices when you are away from your computer. The answer lies in power banks. With massive backup and a cheap price tag, Xiaomi’s power bank is ideal for long trips and is a great energy source on the move.

These are some great gadgets to help you beat the chill. If you have some suggestions for some cool gadgets that help you heat up, please feel free to share it with us.

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