Alien: Isolation Sequel May Be in the Works

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Alien: Isolation Sequel May Be in the Works

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Alien: Isolation sequel is apparently in the making, according to Creative Assembly lead game designer Gary Napper. In an interview with AvpGalaxy, Napper shared his thoughts about Isolation’s story and how the team could handle the possibility of a next sequel. The conversation eventually went deeper, delving into details about the ending of Alien Isolation.

“The plot for a sequel is a daily topic in the studio sometimes. People have their own ideas for where it should go, our writers have some solid concepts and yes, we do have a great opportunity to continue her story. I personally think that Amanda did not get infected in the hive, as when she wakes, the closest egg remains closed…”

 Napper also added that he would like to improve on the game mechanics, when quizzed if the hypothetical sequel would mimic Alien Isolation’s style of play.

“I think the action oriented ‘Aliens’ style game is very different from what Isolation is. If we made a sequel I would like to stick to the same terrifying single Alien approach but do more with the environment and interactivity within it.”

Napper also went on to say they won’t alter the game’s DNA, the tense and horror experience which forms the core of the series.

In the meantime, if you still haven’t had enough of the grueling survival horror title, you can put your skills to test yet again as Alien: Isolation now has a new Nightmare mode.

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