Uber Introduces New Safety Standards to Revive its Public Image

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Uber Introduces New Safety Standards to Revive its Public Image

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Uber in India came under scrutiny after the recent rape incident. It was held responsible for not conducting a proper background check on the driver involved in the unfortunate incident. Now the company is taking several actions to revive its public perception. The app based cab service has introduced new safety standards through which it intends to create a safer environment for its riders as well as its drivers. The company has asked its followers to use the hashtag #BRINGUBERBACK to show their support for the company.

Uber will be facing a hearing at the transport department on Monday, 29th of December. This hearing will determine if Uber can begin offering its services again. The company has created a page with a petition for the consumers to sign. This page lists the new security initiatives devices by the company.

The text begins by explaining the present safety features of Uber. This includes features like real-time GPS tracking with the ‘Share My ETA’ feature. This feature lets Uber users share their location in real time with others so they can be sure of their safety. Next safety feature is hiring drivers who are police verified and are declared eligible by state transport authority. Uber also requires mandatory star ratings for feedbacks about the driver. The company also states that as the payment can be made through the app, there is no need to carry cash either.

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After stating its present safety standards, it goes ahead to introduces the new safety features. Uber says that it will ensure all its drivers have authentic and valid police verification. Additionally, there will also be a local team of specially-trained safety experts to detect fraud, verify and authenticate driver/ vehicle documents and test the validity of our screening. It will bring in experts who will specialize in evaluating the background checks.

Uber will be setting up an Incident Response Team that will specialize on resolving critical issues for the rider and the drivers. They have also enhanced the ShareMyETA feature in their app. Through this, users can send complete trip details (including live GPS tracking, driver photo, name and vehicle license number) to their loved ones.

There had been many incidents this year where Uber came out as an antagonist. The company is in desperate need of an image overhaul, and the introduction of new safety features might just be the first step towards it.

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