Google to Shut Down the Google Maps Engine

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Google to Shut Down the Google Maps Engine

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Google Maps Engine is a tool that lets developers create their own maps on top of Google provided maps. The service now faces a shutdown as the engine is supposedly slowing down. Google Maps will remain functional, but the service to create customized maps will be pulled off.

ZDNet reports that the search giant will end the service in the coming year after which users won’t be able to sign into the service. A rival map maker CartoDB is said to be replacing the service.

Google has confirmed the shutdown and said that they will support the clients who use the Maps for Work product by Google through their contract period. Maps for Work gave enterprises and businesses the power to visualize their business on the map and attract more customers using the various features. There aren’t any reasons cited for the shutdown.

CartoDB hopes to be the replacement of this Google Maps engine and is expected to run on the Google Cloud Platform. It can also be engaged with Google sign-in accounts.

These are some of the moments when big corporations have to do the unfavorable thing. The company had given immense tools in the hands of the people in the form of the Maps Engine. The sting of shutdown will be felt by businesses as well as by Google.

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