Check Out Dolfi, World’s Smallest Washing Machine that Fits in Your Palm

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Check Out Dolfi, World’s Smallest Washing Machine that Fits in Your Palm

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Machine wash is comfortable; however, it isn’t always gentle. But there is a device that will wash all your clothes with the utmost tenderness and wouldn’t leave even a pinch of dirt on your clothes. Dolfi, a tiny device that is a washing machine.

Dolfi is the next-gen cleaning mechanism and uses ultrasonic technology to wash clothes. The technique is not new and is long being used in the industry and medical practices for thorough cleaning. In the automobile industry, ultrasonic technology is used to separate oil and grease from motor parts.

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Dolfi uses multi-frequency transducer that creates modulated wideband progressive sound waves. These sound waves travel through water and even from minuscule high-pressure bubbles. These bubbles implode into millions of micro-jet liquid streams. These liquid streams are so tiny and powerful that they wash away all the dirt from the fabric.

Because it is small like a soap bar, Dolfi is portable. Just soak your dirty clothes in water with detergent and put Dolfi in that water. With this, you are done. Dolfi will silently work on your clothes, pushing dirt out of them. The equipment has been developed and tested by a Swiss company.

The technology, presently on Indiegogo, has gained huge popularity and has raised $212,468 till date. Check out the video below to know more about Dolfi:

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