After, Google Plans to Bring Project Loon to India for Affordable Internet

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After, Google Plans to Bring Project Loon to India for Affordable Internet

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Facebook recently launched initiative in India which offers affordable Internet connectivity and basic services on the Rcom network. It is one of the major initiatives to connect the folks who still don’t have access to the information superhighway. Google’s Project Loon is also one of the major connectivity initiatives, and the company is bringing it to India.

Google has said that it is working with the Government of India to bring its balloon and kite powered internet initiative to India. The company plans to provide the entire planet with internet coverage by the year 2016. This is the brainchild of Google X, the companies secretive research wing.

Project Loon balloons travel 20 kilometers above the surface of the planet and use wind to pilot themselves. From there they offer access to communications at 3G-like speeds. It will be beneficial to empower users in rural parts of the country. This network will also be a boon during emergency situations such as natural disasters.

The communication age demands a population to be connected with the world, in order to grow. Currently, a massive population of 3 Billion people around the world are oblivious to the benefits (and the few misgivings) of the internet. Initiatives like Project Loon, Internet.Org and proposed satellite-based space internet will allow the entire humanity to interconnect.

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