Introducing iGyaan Gear

For a while we have tinkered with the idea of making iGyaan merch. However,each time we got into it we were faced with several challenges.

The idea was simple we wanted iGyaan gear that not only looked cool but was functional as well. So we went to drawing board, and decided to make some unique merchandise that does not only bring forward the spirit of iGyaan, but also gives you several reasons to use the merchandise.

We have started this journey with iGyaan T-Shirts 2.0, while in essence they are sexy tees to look at, they are made in this special dark grey colour that morphs from black to grey with the light. The T shirts are also made with a special weave that makes them resilient to abuse that you would give to them daily, playing ball, taking them to work, or to college or simply in the washer. The weave also absorbs bacteria and makes the T-shirts Odour resistant which makes them especially great to wear to the Gym.

Now, The iGyaan T-shirts also have prints that are rated for over 200 mild washes, so the T-shirts are not just simple T shirts, they are functional. Several manufacturing parties were involved in the making of these iGyaan shirts and we hope you find the effort we put into them to your liking.

We have also made sure that the packaging is made from easy decompose bags that are reusable and you will be able to remove branding from the bags in case you want to use them for storing your socks or veggies, not together hopefully! The iGyaan Label makes for an Awesome luggage Tag. ! Goodies!


Size Chart Chest Waist Length
(in inches) (in inches) (in inches)
MEDIUM 39-42 41


LARGE 43-45 44


X LARGE 46-48 47


XX LARGE 49-51 49


***MAKE IN INDIA*** (for the win)

Now the Designs. :

1. Unbox :

My personal favorite, limited edition print. Features my knife in the print cutting open the Unbox. very iGyaan and very Sexy.

2. I Love New Tech

Inspired by the I Heart New York or I Heart Miami tourism T-Shirts, the iGyaan version plays a important role in showing off your love for new tech. In the design the heart is depicted by an iGyaan Logo. Pure AwesomeSauce. !


3. The Heart of iGyaan

The iGyaan monogram print T-shirt showing two layers of iGyaan logos, from up close just a big rectangle with many monograms, But from a distance the heart of iGyaan. Wear your heart on your chest.

4. The iGyaan

If you a Fan this iGyaan Giant Monogram Tee should let you wear the love out, Big bold and in your face. iGyaan Family Tshirt.

5. Let’s Game

With bigger and better things to come for Let’s Game, the extremely limited iGyaan Let’s Game T-Shirts can be yours too.

Now that you have seen the designs, let us know your favourites by tweeting us or dropping them below. The manufacture of these T-shirts costs us a lot of money, since you have seen the amount of tech that goes in them. We are therefore going to be subsidising them and making them extremely affordable. Prices will soon be revealed. We are working with our trade partners to make these live on So stay tuned ! and follow us on Instagram for a chance to win these.