Airtel Finally Speaks Up About Net Neutrality

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Airtel Finally Speaks Up About Net Neutrality

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In the past few weeks, Airtel has managed to unite the online world against it. It did so, by launching the infamous Airtel Zero plan, which is a clear violation of net neutrality. Earlier today, Flipkart, paying heed to the online negativity gathered, announced that it had made the wise decision of backing out of the Airtel Zero plan.

Read what Airtel has to say below:

Airtel fully supports the concept of Net Neutrality. There have been some misconceptions about our toll free data platform – Airtel Zero. It is a not a tariff proposition but is an open marketing platform that

1. Allows any application or content provider to offer their service on a toll free basis to their customers who are on our network.

2. Such customers whether on a data pack or not will therefore be able to access these toll free services free of charge.

3. No site whether on the toll free platform or not under any circumstances is blocked, throttled or provided any form of preferential access.

4. The toll free platform is open to all content providers on a completely non discriminatory basis and operates on the same principle as 1-800 toll free voice services.

The statement made by Flipkart regarding their decision not to offer toll free data service to their customers is consistent with our stand that Airtel Zero is not a tariff proposition. It is merely an open platform for content providers to provide toll free data services. The platform remains open to all companies who want to offer these toll free data services to their customers on a completely non discriminatory basis.

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Suhas R.S

The Internet is already non-discriminatory. Why does Airtel need to provide an ‘open’ platform that is ‘toll-free’ and ‘non-discriminatory’ ? I didn’t know that I had to pay a ‘toll’ to access any website(other than the data charges for ALL websites)? Since Airtel Zero means people access it with/without data-packs that means you are adding discrimination to Internet Content: those that are there on the Airtel Zero platform and those that are not. That is opposite of the definition of Net Neutrality.

Ratnadeep Gaikwad

What does Airtel want to say here, it does not make any sense. What do they mean by ‘Tollfree’.

Ankit Bhuta
From what I understand I guess what Airtel intends to do here is to offer an opportunity to people who dont have wifi at home & dont want to use the internet or can’t afford to on their phones for say surfing websites or downloading stuff but still want to use just one particular service like WhatsApp or Facebook or Flipkart which does require internet as well so the option a person has is to either get a monthly data pack i.e. (Rs.100 for 300MB) or if you dont want to use a monthly data pack you get charged as… Read more »
Shubham Tyagi

This will come as a serious setback to entrepreneurship in India. Small internet based startups will be forced to shut down.

Shouvik Mukherjee

Isn’t this dead against the startup growth in India? Even the Indian Govt. should intervene and rule it out for the sake of India’s economical growth.


if all the big sites are provided free of cost then not many people will go for the data packs and hence will avoid going to smaller sites. if flipkart, sd, amazon etc go for tariff free service, smaller online retailers will have to forcefully join the free access list or else not get many customers


Airtel still trying to make fool of us. We are willing to pay for our own internet. Stop this Airtel Zero nonsense. This is just Bulls#*t.


They say
“The toll free platform is open to all content providers on a completely non discriminatory basis ”

So, if tomorrow Amazon snapdeal yahoo whatsapp all request to join this “platform”, then what will Airtel do? No discrimination means the whole internet will be free of cost???

Chu***a samjha hai kya humko??

Vishesh Hiremath

Any company who joins these platforms will be bearing the data costs of the users who access them! There’s now way whatsapp/facebook/such kinds would join such a plan, but yeah, if they do, airtel should not have any problem giving them for free, because they’re not really going into any kind of loss.

Samarth Tandon

It will be free of cost for the users but the cost of the net will have to be borne by the companies which will sign up for the plan. For eg. Had flpkart continued with the plan, it would have been charged the data cost for any user that had visited flipkart.
This endangers the growth and also gives agreat advantage to well funded companies who can kill competetion.