We Now Have a New Spider Man

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We Now Have a New Spider Man

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Actor Tom Holland has a great responsibility. Today, Marvel announced that Holland will play the next “Spider Man” in Marvel Cinematic Universe. The 19 year old Brit is the third actor to portray the web-slinging superhero, after Tobey Maguire (2002-2007) and Andrew Garfield (2012-2014).


Holland was chosen after a rigorous audition process and was on the shortlist for a long time. According to reports, he was chosen among 1,500 boys from all around the world.

Holland will portray the superhero in Captain America : Civil War next year before starring in the new Spider Man movie in 2017. The new movie will be directed by Jon Watts. Tom Holland was previously seen in the Oscar-nominated film The Impossible.

If Marvel’s decision doesn’t convince you, maybe you should check out these Instagram videos:

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