Sony Confirms Jumanji Remake Set to Release Next Christmas

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Sony Confirms Jumanji Remake Set to Release Next Christmas

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Most of us have watched the Robin Williams starring blockbuster move, Jumanji, released in 1995. The film is an adaptation of Chris Van Allsburg’s children’s book by the same name. Recent reports suggest, that Jumanji is ready for a reboot, with Sony Pictures releasing a date for the film – 25th of December 2016.

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It is rumoured that Zack Helm – writer/director of Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, was brought in to write the script, however there are no further details on who will actually direct or star in the film.

Here is a little information on the original Jumanji that was released in December 1995: it was directed by Joe Johnston, Robin Williams played the adult version of a boy who was sucked into the game years earlier and re-emerged in a present day (1995) neighbourhood when two children freed him from the game, and along with him, all the adventures hidden in the game.

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The cast also includes, Bonnie Hunt, Kirsten Dunst, Bradley Pierce, David Alan Grier, Jonathan Hyde (in two roles) and Bebe Neuwirth. The movie then, had special effects, that were impressive for its time. However, it is yet to be seen, how the present day technology and special effects can enhance the Jumanji experience.

Are you sceptical about the reboot of a classic? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • karjomack

    really .. OmFg ?!!  Was that necessary?!  OMG is enough, but “F” God?!

  • Rachael Martinez

    Matt Martinez

  • Ben Hancock

    How about NO . Robin is LEGENDARY . Anyone trying to match him will fail miserably .

  • Ben Hancock

    Exactly , But I fear a reboot will be same as original only different people . Instead of an entire different story line . I realize based on the game you cannot change it drastically BUT Carbon copy movies are typically garbage .

  • Mike Jenoff

    NO ONE needed this. The original was terrible enough

  • Bonnie Barger

    honestly the way the movie ended they totally could have made a sequel with new people. But they are too chicken to take that chance

  • Estefania McNamara


  • Ben Hancock

    I am pretty sure we all realize that Alex . Just as you are aware in remakes that the New cast try to copy the original cast . Which I hate .

  • Alex D. Xellort

    Jumanji was not based on their characters. It was the adventure they went through as they FOUND Jumanji. It is an endless cycle and new players can go in or come out.

  • Ahri Wrzesinski


  • Megan Lion

    Hopefully it bombs…

  • Ryss Justactor Ryss

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! #leavehowiiis #grrr

  • Alexis Brooks

    It’d be too soon even after 100 years. This is heresy.

  • Brigitte Harris

    Is nothing sacred?!

  • David Green

    The body is barely cold Sony, Jesus…

  • Lina Fernández Giraldo

    Oh, no, thanks. I’m good.

  • Ben Hancock


  • Ben Hancock

    Amber gets what I am saying .

  • Ben Hancock

    Yes , I know he passed away . You can make another Jumanji Movie . BUT to make the exact same movie with different people is not the way to go . You KEEP the original as is . Make a second Movie with completely different people NOT similar or carbon copies .

  • Rachel Patneaude

    Randy Dugger

  • Michael Richard

    “I told you Jumanji was gonna save us one day”

  • Cody Jackson

    Patrice Burgess Jasmine Fowler

  • Rebecca Vincent

    I am excited to see these movies remade! I think they should have put this actress in Jumanji too!

  • Pablo Espinoza

    Peter Cano Ismenia Castelan Karolina Ruiz! Jumanji remake!

  • Athena Landy

    I’ve been waiting for this

  • Jessica Marie Keegan

    Athena Landy Janelle L Keegan

  • Jamie Roesler Barrett

    Such an easy movie to add too, why remake! Boo!

  • Le Neigh Victoria

    Jordan Robert

  • Hector A Machado

    how about no

  • Sandy Kassa Decker

    Omfg I am so excited!

  • J’olae Loehrer

    Not interested at all. Why would you try and remake a Robin Williams movie. It’s gonna suck big time.

  • Ashley Hunt

    The first is pretty great. It’s got amazing effects, they don’t go overboard with the CGI, The cast is fantastic. It’s clever, it’s sweet, it’s funny, it’s heartbreaking. the lessons on life are there but very subtle. The story is easy to follow and entertaining, but not really shoved in your face. Not over-simplistic. And not super intricate.

  • Rachel Kai

    Jenessa Allbrandt!

  • Ali Ahmed

    Good to hear.. Expecting a good show from Sony.. And i guess 3D would be awesome..

  • Andrew Bryan

    I’ll still watch it, but I’ll know in my heart that nothing can replace Robin Williams.

  • Kevin Doyle

    Nooooooo !

  • CJ Dorman

    too soon Sony… too soon :'(

  • Jake Stanke

    This is why Sony has no money

  • Sean Burns

    Patrick Burns

  • Patrick Burns

    Sean Burns

  • Christian Jose Hernandez

    Ali Segarra Maria Segarra-Marrero

  • Nick Lopezalles

    Caitlin Senior

  • Chris Rush

    Just no…please don’t!

  • Rebecca Wall


  • Jeff Fortner

    No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jocelyn Pooler

    Seriously! What if they decide to reboot other ones? Can you imagine? Mrs Doubtfire played by anyone else? NO.

  • Robin Kiyutelluk

    it would be cool, but ill just think about robin williams

  • Daveed Uzcanga

    Robin Kiyutelluk

  • Augustina Harris

    You can’t replace robin Williams in any movie Disney tried & failed


    Aw you gotta see the first!

  • Gin Pyro Allerdyce

    i vote no on this. It was good movie. Its does not need a reboot. if they do a different story where new peeps fine the game fine.

  • David Hellein

    Haha you think the Ghostbusters backlash is bad? Get ready for the hate, Sony.

  • Amber Nielsen

    Like if you make it a sequel but not a reboot….

  • Ivelisse Vazquez

    Poor Robin Williams is turning in his grave over this

  • Andrew Collins

    How do you make another Jumanji, without replacing the original cast?

  • Trace Randall Frankum

    You do know Robin Williams past away right?

  • Muhammad Maaz

    Oh jumangi

  • Richter Kane

    Here we go again, ANOTHER remake. Probably with lame Disney & Nick stars or Jaden Smith, neither who can act their way out of a paper bag.

  • Gabi Mae

    Denise Simon Jack Dalby Laura Simon Mae Collins

  • Erin Grammer

    Tyler Martino

  • Suz Mazhar

    I don’t know how I feel about this

  • Emily DeLeo


  • Melanie Lyn Burton

    Phillip Jr. Sanford Cindy Burton

  • Mickey Kelly

    And replace Robin Williams? Not a chance. How about Hollywood starts making movies with original concepts instead of all of these lousy reboots.

  • Stewart Wolfe

    Only if you cast Zach Galifinakis. He’s the only person who could tkae the place of Robin Williams

  • Emma Pwnden Schaffner

    This is not going to be the same without Robin Williams

  • Annabel Oliva

    It’s going to suck without robin Williams

  • Steph Pavlic

    You’ve got to be kidding. It’s as if movie people just forgot how to generate original content :( Jemmy Pavlic


    “In the jungle you must wait, Until Sony takes the Jumanji remake off their plate”

  • Nate Barrack


  • Marcos Bocanegra

    Annabel Oliva

  • Lauren Elizabeth


  • Pushkar Soorma
  • Angel J Lopez

    Lukx Mari

  • Alicia Flores

    Justin Klf Hay

  • Salina Bombies

    it’s not the same….

  • Chandra Kant

    We wud have loved to see robin in this one but alas

  • Steve Tidd

    Never saw the first one. Won’t see this one.

  • Matthew Stewart

    Jessica Stewart

  • Jon Jacobs

    I haven’t seen anything of the reboot and its already dead to me.

  • Ricky Winebarger


  • Tim Stinson

    Ricky Winebarger Natalie Rhodes

  • Jamie LaPlante

    Without Robin Williams, it’s nothing but a knock off

  • Emma Medina
  • Enigmatic Strength

    Uh oh Alicia West!!this could be good

  • Jenni Weissman

    There is only ONE true Jumanji film. This is not, nor will it ever be, it!

  • Cynthia Kaley

    NO. IT will never be the same

  • Chad McClendon

    Just stop.

  • Gabi Bambach


  • Lorraine Garland

    no No and NO!!!! Why don’t you come up with something original and leave the Robin Williams legacy alone!!!!!!!

  • Ben Hancock

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make another Jumanji fine . BUT do not try to replace the original cast by a crappy reboot . You cannot possibly replace Robin .

  • Jonathan Chanay

    Soon they’ll be repainting the Mona Lisa too

  • Alejandra Torres

    Diana Torres

  • E J Greta Green

    Jimmie DarkDred Williams NOT SURE IF I’M HERE FOR IT YET

  • Ajmal Mp

    download zapya 2 times faster than xender

  • Akshay Maini

    I was just thinking about it