Google Gets a Brand New Logo

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Google Gets a Brand New Logo

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Looks like Google is working itself through some major changes. Barely a month back, the company’s organizational structure went through a major overhaul. The internet-based tech company announced that it had renamed itself as Alphabet. Making Alphabet the umbrella company that owns Google and the other companies that Google owned. With Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin running Alphabet as CEO and President, respectively, while Sundar Pichai became the new CEO of Google under Alphabet.

To go with the new grown-up company, it now has a new look.

google new logo

Google has already updated it on its homepage and it posted this animated video to showcase how it has changed over the past 17 years:

In a blog post the company explains that it has evolved over the year. From being a single search engine website, to now working on a variety of platforms – Search, Maps, Gmail, Chrome and more. The company will be rolling out the update on other platforms soon.

Any thoughts on Google’s new look?

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  • Kat Stevens

    Hate it so much.

  • Sudipta Ghosh

    Loves the change!

  • Anil Sharma

    nice logo

  • Shubham Kumar

    I think the designer love to drink “Heineken” :p

  • Jitendra Malviya
  • Rajiv Raj Sarkar
  • Brian Bahbah

    What’d they do… Pick a different font? What genius did they pay millions for to decide to use a different font to give a “make over” of their logo?

  • Franck Vinchon
  • Eugene Lubyanitsky

    This pic is a gift for XXIX anniversary of the publication of Tea Club Annuals Vol. I also :-)

  • Siddharth Anand

    thank you google..for making web surfing easier..

  • Prashanth Murali

    You probably should change the shared link picture. Putting Xiaomi phone photos …it is irrelevant

  • Ankit Das

    Stagering resemblance to the lgbt thingy going on back time when everyone were smearing their perfectly normal dps with unicorn farts. Is it a sign? Of some kind

  • Muhammad Areeb

    Best look

  • Adithya Kamath

    Brand new? Looks improved thats it

  • adityawadeyar

    igyaan it has got material design lollipop update

  • Hasan Mehedi

    Great to see