Android Users Are Switching To iOS Faster Than Ever Before

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Android Users Are Switching To iOS Faster Than Ever Before

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Newly found reports suggest that the number of Android users switching to iOS is increasing. The Consumer Intelligence Research Partners report indicates that 26% of people who bought the iPhone 6s switched over from Android within the first month itself.

“The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus launch attracted a greater percentage of Android owners compared to a year ago,” explains Mike Levin, Partner and Co-Founder of CIRP.

Statistics show that previously, Android switchers accounted for 12% of iPhone 6 buyers and 23% of iPhone 5s buyers. However, this year’s reports have exceeded both the previous stats. Here is a CIRP chart showing the percentage of iPhone buyers who are switching over from Android:


Further reports also suggest that iPhone buyers are switching to buying the larger iPhone models this year. Here’s a table:


The above table indicates that the sales for the iPhone 6s Plus accounted for 37% of sales of new iPhone models this year, whereas the iPhone 6 Plus accounted for just 25% of new model sales in 2014; and thereby proving the second point. Overall, Apple seems to be moving forward in its goal of capturing the smartphone market slowly but steadily.


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    Just because you coined your ID as iGyaan, does not mean you become MahaGyaani!! Keep your Agyaan to your self iGyaan!!

  • Paxal Doshi

    Sorry, but I wasn’t even ready for something serious up here.

  • Sandeep Singh

    People here don’t switch to IOS they just want an apple phone. And they get offended if someone address it phone rather an iphone

  • Ameer Syed

    Paxal Doshi well i won’t say that you experience this because i know the pain that comes with these ads. Google is seriously getting ruined. And Samsung’s Tizen OS,Windows 10 and other OS’s will go ahead if this pathetic problem continues

  • Paxal Doshi

    It is actually because the average IQ is dropping down.(pun alert) P.S: people are getting dumber.

  • Ameer Syed

    Seriously it is because of these annoying malware or you could say ads support by google. Like apps are installing automatically on one of my android devices.

  • Nitin Pandey

    Well, its well known that we are generation of retards.

  • Eric Kemp

    What do you expect when iOS has become android in a lot of ways.

  • Bikram Singh

    I wonder why I see iPhone in every 100th person’s hand, rest 99 are android users.

  • AnurajJain

    This has a simple explanation. The Smartphone market is growing fast and android is generally the first adoption point of a new smartphone user. Iphone is often aspirational for people because of which iphone’s new acquisitions are more likely to come from people who previously used android than those who never used a smartphone before, which is clearly visible from the data above as well.

    What would be more interesting to see is the % of android users who switched from high end android phones to iphones and vice versa since that would be more of an apples to apples comparison :)

  • Rajdeep Pal

    that’s about to happen….

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    iOS user will soon on windows too!!!

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    Good news but cost affected issue

  • ShubhamDhurve1

    How can you just come this conclusion?!
    iGyaan is the most Apple biased blog, hell it’s even beating the verge in licking Apple Arse!
    What if the increased sales are of the new users?
    And what about the ratio of Android users to iOS users?
    Half knowledge is dangerous :)

  • niguy10

    igyaan I got an iPhone too – 6S plus 64

  • Ankush Dhingra

    False statements! I just read a post that android users are more loyal as compared with iOS

  • Paramjeet Singh

    Yo just switched to iOS yesterday :p

  • Chiranth Bhoopalam

    The first line of the article reads:
    “Newly found reports suggest that the number of Apple or iOS users switching to Android are increasing.”