Top Tech: 10 Products By Xiaomi Not Easily Available In India

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Top Tech: 10 Products By Xiaomi Not Easily Available In India

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For anyone who has followed the new in recent years knows about Xiaomi. The Chinese tech giant has been highly successful in India thanks to its budget smartphones. While India mostly witnesses Xiaomi’s smartphone prowess, the company has a much more diverse portfolio in its native country. One look at the Xiaomi China website and you’ll know all the crazy consumer products the company offers in China. From smart scooters to smart shoes, Xiaomi pretty much has it all. Gearbest, an international e-commerce website sells a lot of Xiaomi products and we have a list of top ten Xiaomi products that are not easily available in India!

Xiaomi Candle Light

This smart light from Xiaomi has a minimalistic design and a few smart features. The cylindrical shape of the light allows it to be compatible with all sorts of setups in a room or an office. The transparent top can be rotated to increase or decrease the brightness of the light. In case the light is away from a user, the light can be connected to the Mi Home app and the settings can be changed remotely using the app.

Buy The Xiaomi Candle Light Here

Mitu Robot Kit

For everyone wondering what a robot is doing on this list, read on. This is Mitu Robot Kit by Xiaomi that can be connected to your phone and controlled. The blocks can be used to make all sorts of robots and then indulge in either robot fights or just some fun playing around a with a robot you built yourself!

Buy The Mitu Robot Kit Here

Xiaomi Induction Cooker

Xiaomi’s product portfolio is diverse indeed! The Xiaomi Induction Cooker is meant to give the user granular level of control over the heat that cooks the food. It has 99 different fire levels to precisely control the cooking temperature. The cooker can even be controlled using Mi Home app, making it even easier for users to control the cooking time and temperature remotely.

Buy The Xiaomi Induction Cooker

Amazfit Bip

Smartwatches have very quickly become the tech accessory to own in today’s world. A smartwatch allows users to track their fitness and even access mobile notifications without really searching for their smartphones all the time. While the Apple Watch Series 3 even has cellular feature now, it is also very pricey. The Amazfit Bip is a smartwatch that does a lot of things correctly. It has a heart rate sensor to give users an accurate data of their fitness and health. It connects to your smartphone using the Mi-Fit app which helps users access their notifications using the watch.

Buy The Amazfit Bip Here

Mi Band With ECG

The US$ 128 Mi Band does a lot more than your average fitness band. While smartwatches are useful, not everyone prefers the feel of a watch. That gap is filled by fitness bands that are light and relatively more affordable. The Mi Band with ECG, as suggested by the name, has the ability to measure the ECG of a user. This can be very helpful for users who have to constantly keep a track of it due to the health reasons.

Buy The Mi Band With ECG Here

Smart Coffee Tumbler

It’s all about smart products and touch screens everywhere. Xiaomi makes a tumbler that incorporates both! The tumbler has a display on top to keep a track of the temperature of whatever it is that you’re drinking. The tumbler looks good with a leather band and is made of stainless steel.

Buy The Smart Coffee Tumbler Here

Xiaomi Electric Shaver

The Chinese tech giant even makes grooming products and that is not even surprising anymore. The electric shaver from Xiaomi is made of stainless steel and has a 360-degree cutting movement. Interestingly, the shaver charges via a USB C port (not even available in most smartphones these days) and can last for up to 30 days.

Buy The Electric Shaver Here

Multi-Port Charger

Multi-port USB chargers are the need of the hour for most users these days. With a lot of consumers owning more than one mobile device, it becomes imperative to use multi-port chargers. However, the only thing worse than no charger is a slow charger. Xiaomi’s 5-port USB charger fixes that by providing QC 3.0 charging speeds along with a USB C port as well.

Buy The Multi-Port Charger Here 

Smart Plug

A lot of people in India are adopting the smart home technology. Smart plugs are affordable, convenient and an easy step into the world of smart home. The Xiaomi Smart Plug connects to a user’s Mi Home app and lets users remote switch on or off the plug. Users can even set timers, which can come in handy to people who still fear that they’ll overcharge their smartphones or other mobile devices.

Buy The Xiaomi Smart Plug Here

Car Inverter

These car inverters from Xiaomi convert the lighter socket into a charging hub for all sorts of devices. While car chargers only allow for phones to be charged (via USB), these car inverters do much more. They have a socket to charge anything with a plug, like a laptop. This can come in handy for users who work a lot on the go and don’t necessarily drive themselves around town.

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