Top Tech: 10 Tech Accessories Under Rs 2000

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Top Tech: 10 Tech Accessories Under Rs 2000

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There is no end to Amazon’s “tech listing” page. There are a ton of tech gadgets that don’t cost a lot but, can be useful. Then there is stuff that barely works is a sure shot way to disappointment. So, instead of going through thousands of products, it’s better to just watch iGyaan’s pick of the top tech and accessories under Rs 2000 which won’t disappoint you!

Running Alarm Clock

This one is for everyone who’s favourite button is “snooze.” This alarm clock doesn’t have any fancy technology but, does one thing pretty well. If you’re not quick enough in the morning to shut the alarm, this clock starts moving and more often than not, it’ll run away from you and even fall off the table and keep moving away. This essentially means that you have to get out of bed to shut the alarm hence, you’re up.

Bulldog Speaker

This quirky desk accessory has a powerful speaker built-in. It’s a Bluetooth speaker at its core but, has the looks of being a very handy accessory in a desk setup. The bulldog speaker is available in a plethora of colours on Amazon but, we picked up the red one. The device charges via micro USB port and also an AUX input. Buy this if you’re looking for an accessory that does more than just looking pretty.

Helmet Cooler

This one might be the best accessory for a rider. Summers can be tough on everyone but, especially if you are a bike rider. Wearing a helmet at all times can be suffocating and extremely hot inside. This clever tech accessory from Bluarmor is a cooler for helmets. It constantly lets in air to keep riders from feeling claustrophobic. While it retails for Rs 2299, for Team iGyaan especially, it is available for Rs 1999 for a limited time. Use the code GYAAN300 at the time of checkout.

Mi Body Composition Scale

Priced at Rs 1999, this body composition scale from Xiaomi is a must-have for fitness enthusiasts. Even those watching their weight and or suffering from a disease that makes them keep a check on their weight should have this tech accessory. It connects to your smartphone using the Mi Fit app and tells you more than just your weight. It has a white LED which lights up three seconds after someone stands on the scale. It shows muscle mass, BMI, visceral fat, bone mass, body score, body fat, weight, basal metabolism, water content, and more.

Buy the Mi Body Composition Scale here

RoadGod Zeon R1 Bag:

Another one for the riders! This bag is ideal for daily commuters or even people who like taking out their bikes for expeditions. It fits on to a bike’s fuel tank and gives users easy access to their smartphones. Now, it is very dangerous to use your phones while riding and we condone it. However, this can come in handy when you have Google Maps or Apple Maps (if you use that) on. It is even possible to use the phone while it is in the front pocket.

Crossbeats Connect

It is fair to say that not everyone has a Bluetooth speaker. A lot of people still use wired speakers and even have car stereo systems that aren’t Bluetooth enabled. This is where the Crossbeats Connect comes in handy. This Bluetooth receiver plugs into a 3.5mm port and converts a music system into Bluetooth music system. It is as easy as plug-and-play.

Tizum Laptop Stand

This laptop stand from Tizum is sturdy and good-looking. The stand gives a nice elevation to the laptop which can make it easier to work on for long hours. The stand is large enough to fit any sort of laptop without making it wobble. A must-have accessory for people who spend long hours typing on their laptop.

Moarmouz Headphone Adapter with DAC

The beloved headphone jack is being phased out. It’s a harsh reality that we have to face and we honestly can’t do much about it. Other than, of course equip ourselves with the right accessories to continue using our wired headphones. This is where this headphone jack adapter with a DAC comes into play. Unlike cheap adapters, this one will enhance the sound quality and allow you to still use your wired headphones if your new and shiny smartphone does not have the headphone jack.

AmazonBasics Camera Bag

Every video content creator needs a travel bag for their tools. This bag from AmazonBasics holds and protects 2 smaller SLR camera bodies, 3-4 lenses, and additional small accessories. For a short shoot just outside the city where you don’t need to carry your heavy-duty accessories, this Rs 1999 priced bag from AmazonBasics is the right fit.

ZAKK Twins


Usually retailing for close to Rs 3000, the ZAKK twins are a great pair of Bluetooth earbuds that won’t break the bank. However, the reason these are on our list is that for a limited time and only for Team iGyaan, the ZAKK Twins will retail for Rs 1999 on Amazon. At the price, these are pretty much unbeatable. Hurry up before they are sold out because that tends to happen when the deal is this great.

X-Mini Nano-X (Bonus)

This mini Bluetooth speaker from X-Mini is surprisingly loud. It literally fits in the palm of your hand and is extremely portable. Make sure to keep it separately in a pocket because it might be easy to lose it in the large pocket of a backpack. For a short trip or to even fill a small room, Nanp-X from X-Mini is a great choice.

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