Amazon Tablet to launch in November for 12,000 Rupees

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Amazon Tablet to launch in November for 12,000 Rupees

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Despite confirmed news on the Amazon India launch still pending, Amazon will initiate a worldwide launch of the Amazon Tablet “coyote” and premium tab “hollywood” in November. The cheaper “Cayoue” tab will cost about 12000 rupees. The Tablet runs a heavily skinned version of Android , in a cover flow-esque UI. The Tablet was designed, initiated and made possible due to an outsource R&D company.

 Amazon has already passed on the information of the impending launch of Amazon India, Its just a matter of time now.

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Pyasi Ankit
Pardon my intervention here but I believe that when you say that the tablet WILL release for RS ### then it gives an impression that its coming to India and will sell for that much. I have seen these type of quotes at times and again but its hardly ever true. Most of the time the launch is US/UK, and rarely when it does launch in India then it is sold at a premium price way more than what is quoted in terms of global shipping. I am a constant follower of iGyaan and never miss a single post. I… Read more »