PUBG Kicks Off Season 4 With A Story Trailer And Better Visuals

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PUBG Kicks Off Season 4 With A Story Trailer And Better Visuals

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The battle royale genres explosive success can be credited to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds single handedly. PUBG took note of other games that featured similar game mechanics and made its own formula which is successful till this day. The game launched on May 2018 and has since become one of the most popular online multiplayer game with millions of active players. PUBG Corp, the company behind PUBG, is now kicking off its 4th season which was announced via a trailer on YouTube which also hints at the back story and in-game lore which was also teased previously.

What’s New?

Eragnel, the map that started it all receives additional love from the developers. PUBG PC’s first map is receiving major design refresh with season 4. PUBG Corp has stated that the update brings Eragnel more in line with the other maps that were offered later. In the new update, Eragnel will receive new buildings, a revamped terrain and improved graphical fidelity. A new car radio is also being added for improved driving experience. The update will carry balancing changes and tweaks to its various weapons and vehicles. The biggest change arrives with gamers now being able to heal and boost when they are moving.


Before (L) and After (R)

The new changes will now carry the history of the island which was turned into a battlefield. The map now carries abandoned tanks, artillery, trenches, shoreline barriers and came netting spread across the landscape. Notably, structures on the map show more damage indicating of battles fought in the past. Furthermore, the company is also reducing grass density in the map alongside saturation and overall brightness after listening to player feedback.

Story & Narrative Stand Point

We have all wondered as to the backstory behind the famous battlegrounds. Why must 100 people drop in with nothing and scour for weapons? Why must they fight and win? Is it a sport or a game? These questions will naturally arrive. PUBG seems awfully similar to movies like Hunger Games, however, the creator of the game has stated that he specifically took notes from a Chinese movie named Battle Royale. Similar to the game, the movie had a bunch of people fight it out on an island, only twist, they were all students trapped by their sadistic teacher.  PUBG

The latest trailer sees the game moving towards a cinematic story narration, a first for the franchise. Previously, we had covered rumours on a standalone story driven PUBG game; but the feature might just end up in the main PC game. According to the trailer, the narrator is the one behind his, “BattleGrounds.” Apparently, the antagonist or mastermind behind the brutal blood sport is a man who originated from Eragnel.


A war tore his home apart and he witnessed much bloodshed and death when he was younger. He is supposedly the only survivor of the violent skirmish and became a powerful person which gave him the inspiration for the last man standing formula in his games. There is a possibility that similar to online streaming, a future exists where fatal sports is viewable online, similar to the movie Death Race.


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The new update arrives on 24th July for PC and later on in the summer for its Console counterparts. It will bring a much needed breath of fresh air to PUBG’s gameplay and adds on the possibility of story integration. We can soon expect lore related missions being offered in the game. Stay tuned for more related articles and videos.

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