DIY : How to set-up tethering on your phone!

First and foremost : What is tethering?  Tethering refers to using a cell phone as a modem for your laptop or any other device. Creating a connection either with cables or wirelessly “tethers” your cell phone to your other mobile device. 

Basically it’s using the internet on your phone for other devices. 

Now, how is it done? Do you need to jailbreak/root your phone? Read-on!


Tethering on iDevices was more of a hassle in the past, but come iOS 5, that changed! It can be done in 3 ways. Each requiring a data package from your carrier for your iDevice.  We tethered our iPhone 4s on AirTel. 

Click on Personal Hotspot

Set your password and turn it on

Through WiFi 

Probably the most convenient of the 3.  Go to Settings->Personal Hotspot->On. Set your password and it’ll prompt you to turn on your WiFi and Bluetooth. Once this is done, your device becomes a Wifi Hotspot for other devices to connect to. 

As shown in the screenshot, the name of your device, in this case “Shivaank”, shows up as a WiFi network on your other device. Just click on connect and you’re connected to the internet via your iDevice’s network. 

Your device name comes up as a WiFi connection

Through USB 

The basic steps for tethering through USB are the same as above. Go to Settings->Personal Hotspot->On. To save battery, turn off your WiFi and Bluetooth as you won’t be needing them. 

Your device serves as an Ethernet connection

Connect your device to your laptop and turn on your Hotspot toggle. Then go to your network settings of your laptop and you’ll see  your devices name as an Ethernet connection. Just click on connect and you’re good to go!

Through Bluetooth

Now, we were only able to tether our device to a MacBook using Bluetooth. The name of your device simply shows up on Bluetooth devices list. Click on pair to get going!!
Apps like MiWi and Tether Me are viable options for those running an older version of iOS but these are paid apps.



On Android, the tethering process is a breeze! Tethering feature is inbuilt into Android and to activate follow these steps.


Through WiFi

Go to Setting->Wireless and Network->Tethering and Portable Hotspot->Portable Wi-Fi hotspot and turn it on. The name of your connection (which you can configure) shows up on other device’s to connect and voila! You’re connected!

You can change the name of your WiFi by configuring it.

Windows Phone connected to Android Hoptspot

Through USB

Go to Setting->Wireless and Network->Tethering and Portable Hotspot->USB Tethering. Click on it to turn it on and the computer you’re connected to shows your devices network as an ethernet connection. Click on connect to start using it.

Tethered through USB

Device comes up as Ethernet connection

Windows Phone

Possibly the easiest of the three! Just go to Settings->Internet Sharing and turn it on! That’s it! You’re device shows up as an internet hotspot, click on connect and you’re done.

Click on Internet sharing

Turn it on and you're done!