iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 Unboxing

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iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 Unboxing

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We get you an exclusive unboxing today for the iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1, a smartphone that has basically given Micromax a run for their money when the Canvas 4 was announced. The handset takes away a lot of things but adds a few that will be might appreciated by the phone buyers.

iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 8

For starters the iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 has a 5 inch 1080p display, and dual BSI cameras a 13 MP rear and a 8 MP front camera sensor, both capable of 1080p video at 30fps. The chipset that powers this device is a Mediatek 6589t clocked at 1.5 GHz on all four cores. RAM and storage can be the only downsides to this handset with only 4 GB of inbuilt storage and 1 GB of RAM, you may not be able to fully exploit the additional power on the chipset. 

Everything on the iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1is backed by a 2800mAh battery that ensures a better battery backup, vs the competition. The iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1also runs Android 4.2.1 Jelly out of the box with little or no custom UI modifications and almost zero bloatware, which also improves on performance and stability (we hope) .

Another thing worth appreciating is that rooting will not void your warranty, well you wont have to root the device anyway, because its pre rooted.

The Build and design are actually quite like the HTC Butterfly, with the paint finish matching the newer HTC Butterfly S. the build quality seems robust at first, no indication as to what the display glass is , but the phone does have an 5 inch 1920 x 1080p Active matrix display and an OGS panel, which means the display and the touchscreen are fused together, which also means that the likely maker of the LCD panel is LG. 

The Power and volume rocker buttons appear to have been made from steel, and are very tactile. The replaceable panels included in the box are a great boon, and will reduce the need of a back cover, the handset also comes with an antiglare screen protector, which may be replaced with a more suitable one which cover the ful screen as the one included does not.

The feel and finish of the iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 are premium, although, some may not appreciate the overly large Logos at the back of the device. Now lets see how the handset performs, stay tuned for benchmarks and gaming.

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Bharat Nagpal

Founder and Chief Editor of iGyaan. Bharat likes to keep on top of technology ! Follow Him on Google Plus : Google+

  • @Vasanth what if cmw recovery isn’t installed ?

  • Chris Prince

    Does anybody had a chance to over come the spell check issue? As Karthik mentioned, it won’t stop showing error on all correct words and wont suggest or correct spelling mistakes automatically.

  • Vasanth

    I owe a N1 . Got used to It .
    Faced both android issues and H/w issues .
    Install CMW receovery and Flash MX58 pro based Android Image to fix most of the Issues .

  • RSP Rao

    it is not working it got stuck at “Get ready for the ride” screen what should i do now

    • mayank

      @05622ae9cab67c90315373cb68a390d3:disqus same problem with me buddy .. is that u got solution ??

      • Vasanth

        Flash CMW recovery . Then go into recovery mode and clear cache and Dalvik cache .

  • nishantsirohi123

    the problem with all these non mainstream androids are that once you get a problem, these may never be repaired, even micromax has been known with a horrible service record
    the best thing to do is stick to the main brands – samsung, sony, htc, blackberry, lg , nokia and apple

  • ritesh

    Its the worst phone.I had returned it back to them.Now waiting for refund.But i know these morons will take time to refund.If possible buy branded one.

    • abhishek

      pls tell me how to return the phone back and get the refund

    • RSP Rao

      Sir How did you return the defective phone. I too have problem with this phone. It got stuck at first screen “Get ready for the ride”

  • sachin

    IBERRY AUXUS NUCLEA N1, only rs 15000, interested call me on 9768373262

    • a

      urs must be a defective piece

  • sachin

    IBERRY AUXUS NUCLEA N1, only rs 15000, interested call me on 09867373262

  • sachin

    I want to sell this mobile for 14000, anybody want to buy call me on this no.09768373262, Sachin.

  • Manpreet Singh

    anyone got a flip cover for N1..??? if yes, where i can buy (online)…
    is it possible to use HTC Butterfly flip cover as dimensions are almost same…???

  • Karthik Prasadh

    After reading few comments, I could say that it is worth buying this phone for 16k as look of the phone is super sexy and you may get a better piece if you have luck. When compared to Micromax canvas 4, nuclea would be a better option. I have not tested the Xolo gaming phone yet but I heard that is very good competitor in this segment.

  • Karthik Prasadh

    Hi All,

    I got the phone on 6th of August. I see few problems in the phone as stated below.

    1. The very purpose of the phone is defeated as I could not hear
    anything with the ear piece as it is not working. In nutshell, ear piece
    not working. I’ve to use my head phone or put the calls in speaker to
    converse. And the head phone provided is way too below par and is really pathetic

    2. Problem with my touch as the touch automatically working and
    triggering apps automatically. I thought it might be because of the
    screen guard which iberry has provided and removed it. Though the problem
    persists. This is not happening frequently but atleast thrice in a
    day’s usage.

    3. The phone heats up with in 15 min of continuous usage. Eg. I could feel the heat in my palms while editing an email. So no gaming with this phone more than 15 min. Else you would fear that this phone would explode.

    4. I could see that the phone reports spelling mistake in what ever I
    type though it is correct word. I doubt if the language pack is
    pre-installed in the phone by default like other phones. Also I am not sure how to install it either and I could not overcome the spell check error for almost all english word.

    5. And more over the battery charger that iberry provided is not
    working. I’ve to use my old phone’s charger to charge the phone.

    I was promised to get the phone by 1st of August, though I got the phone only by 6th August. When I enquired it was said that iberry would not compromise their Quality-Check for the sake of early delivery but by having the above problems, my phone is not properly scrutinized by their quality check. I have written the same as an complaint to them through email on the very next day I got the phone and subsequently have even created an Ticket (812449) in their support website as I did not get any response in email. Even any people could check the complaint status by giving the above ticket no. with my below email id. Hope I would get a reply from them soon.


    Small review of the phone:

    Pros: Diplay screen Resolution, Look away player, inbuilt phone Speaker.
    Cons: Bad Customer response, Camera (Just pixalated to 12 MP but the density in the picture is not that great), No Gaming due to over heating, the actual weight is more than 165gms not as mentioned in the box (120gms), Battery duration is pathetic, no voice unlock option as mentioned, not mentioning anthing about Gorilla glass in the package etc…

    • Manpreet Singh

      even my canvas 2 (with 8mp) is better than this…
      only display is better in N1…
      and about ram, i have installed same no of app and same apps uses diff. ram
      canvas 2 512mb, free ~50-150mb
      N1 1gb, free ~50-150mb WTF is this…>????
      and where i can check processor 1.5ghz q core..???

    • mann

      i am having same problems

      • Karthik Prasadh

        I got it rectified by visiting the nearest service center and now I am quite happy :-)

        • Smruti Mishra

          Hi Karthik,

          Could you please tell us what are the problems they fixed or you in the service center.

          Appreciate your response.

    • raggs

      apart from the above problems iberry service is pathetic. I have asked for a replacement of the handset. Since 1 week they are unable to send their courier to collect the defective phione

  • Manpreet Singh

    front camera is doing video 480p @ 9 frames. IT IS NOT EVEN HD….YOU MENTIONED IT 1080P @ 30fps…???? and main camera quality is not good enough….just pixel size increased @ 12mp….

    • Karthik Prasadh

      Yes, it is the fact !!!

  • arupam

    is it worth buying the nuclea n1 than galaxy grand?

    • Karthik Prasadh

      If you say Galaxy grand, then you could get nuclea for that

  • Omprakash Sahu

    does it have app to sd …anyone reply !

    • Karthik Prasadh

      yes it has

  • Mallik

    Please confirm camera performance and gaming

    • Karthik Prasadh

      Both are meagre in this phone.

  • senthil kumaran

    auxus nuclea n1 is 3 times better than canvas 4

    • Anand M

      I agree…

  • Manpreet Singh

    bharat..can i use HTC Butterfly flip case cover for my N1…?is it possible…????you have received the review handset.. can please check it out…

  • kk

    this phone price 15900 r 18000

    • Karthik Prasadh

      Now 18000

  • Bala

    Could you also let me know can i increase the size of ram as it comes pre-rooted. Please reply soon

    • Karthik Prasadh

      Yes, you can easily increase the size of ram with ram extender. But this would do damage to your phone rather than good. But you have no other option to do it as the free RAM space when I unboxed the phone is actually less than 350 MB which means if I install Facebook, wechat, whatsapp, google drive, dropbox along with maps, then I will end up with zero mb left :-(

  • Bala

    Please upload the gaming video and complete benchmark video please. I am waiting eagerly. I came to know its pre-rooted, so please let me know can i swap internal memory with external SD card, so that i can download high end games. Please also tell us whether the phone heats a lot while playing games

  • vadlamudijc

    it has poor gaming performance,guys not to buy this phone,if you to play highdefinition games

  • Mahesh Borsutkar

    It has Gorilla Glass 3 …

  • Souvik

    please confirm the RAM and gaming capabilities.

    • vadlamudijc

      it has poor gaming performance,guys not to buy this phone,if you to play highdefinition games.

  • Souvik

    is this phone better than canvas 4?

  • Ramesh

    Pl…inform whether it is worth rs.15990 ….or I can go for some other phone..Ramesh

    • true ‘n bold

      nothing good as this

  • Joy Patel

    Mr. Nagpal… Please Upload full hands on video with benchmarks, Camera, Built Quality….

    As all are eagerly waiting for full Review From You…

    Your Full Review will help us to decide that we should have to continue with the pre-order booking or have to Cancel….

    Hence Request you to please post the full review at earliest…..

  • Mayur

    The weight you have mentioned is without the Battery. With battery it should be close to about 150 Grams as confirmed by iBerry.

    • true ‘n bold

      it is 120 with battery

      • Mayur

        We already have an active FB page for Iberry Auxus Nuclea N1 users and it has been confirmed there that, the weight with battery cud be close to 150 Gms..This has been confirmed by multiple people. Please mention your source where yiu are saying it is 120 with battery !

        • Karthik Prasadh

          The source is the box of nuclea and its website where it is written 120 gms. But actually it is 135 gms without battery and more than 165 gms with battery.

  • Dwayne Rooney Fernandes

    The memory is upgradable upto 64 gigs

    • Karthik Prasadh

      Yes dude.

      • Tejus

        Iberry Auxux Nuclea N1 is a better phone or not.
        I want to buy a new phone.