Update :iG Exclusive – Motorola Defy, Finally launched and available, we go Hands on! Added Unboxing Video

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Update :iG Exclusive – Motorola Defy, Finally launched and available, we go Hands on! Added Unboxing Video

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So we just finally got word from Motorola. As we reported, The defy was officially announced yesterday in New Delhi and was made available simultaneously across vendors and distributors.

We will be uploading the unboxing video tonight followed by the review video sometime later this week.

Market price of the Defy :  18,500 INR

Meanwhile check out the hands on pics!

Unboxing Video is now live !

iG tech Labs.

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  • Aakarsh kabir

    hey buddy could plz tell what is the microprocessor size of defy………coz its not mentioned

  • Logicwonder

    Flipkart increased the price to 18099…

  • Azaad Ius

    Your Defy review is cool & informative – thanks.

    I would like to know if this device will come with Motoblur for indian market?


  • Saud

    flipkart is selling at very good price but the problem is of BTXX and BFXX or Blue Dot(google earpeice). I called Croma and Mobilestores in mumbai but their price tag is 18990 and 18999 respectively which I think so little bit costly than actual price.

  • saud

    please anyone where do i get defy in mumbai..

  • meta96

    … flash the china or UK 2.2, overclock it, enjoy the water resistant and be happy … it is much better as you might think …

  • Smarty13111979

    Don’t worry guys I have recently purchased defy and let me tell u that its an amazing experience.every thing is so smooth,no ear piece issues at all ,voice clarity is superb it feels person is speaking in your ear.

    • Have you checked what version of Android is it? Please let everyone out here know. Also, what price did you pay for it?

  • Your delaying of the review video is giving Me bad thoughts about this device. I am thinking that the Defy you got is having some serious problems and hence you are not reviewing it. The company seems to be pressurizing You not to tell about the defect and hence not to upload the review video. May be they are sending yo a new Defy to review ?? If the Defy you got has a problem then please tell us about it. We have faith in you hence waiting for your review. Please do not disappoint. At-least tell if you will be uploading the review video or not. If yes when will the review video be out ?

    • Fahad Fazil

      See the motorola India site . They have not yet added Defy to their product list . THat means something is wrong behind the screen

      • AB

        It is available in the support section!!!

  • a small piece of advice — have patience, wait for the launch of samsung galaxy ace obviously by that time defy’s price tag would come down — n more chances to know the flaws in defy(if any)…, n samsung is way ahead in giving the updates …

    • MSJ

      add to Samsung Ace comes with Froyo

  • You usually dont take more than 2 days to review a device. what happened now ? Where is the review video ? any problem with the device ?

  • Wow. Wow. Wait a minute. a guy in the last post about Motorola defy launch has said that he is facing a problem with his new defy. His phone seems to have stuck and is not restarting. I guess the set you have is also giving some kind of problem and that is why you are not uploading the review video ?

  • Dear Bharat: Please reply if you are going to put up the video review or not.

  • Ravi Panai

    dear bharat, i liked this device & its truly impressive
    by the way please suggest the able dealers in delhi to get this one from, i tried at many stores, none of them have even heard of such imprompto named gadget or better say motorola doesnt market products well
    plz…plz, do reply

  • Omkar

    Bad news people.. Motorola Defy flipkart price increased from Rs.17999 to Rs.18699..

    • Sameer

      They have again revised it to 18499 and are also offering a 8GB Micro SD card worth 1000 with it ….

  • Vikrambharadwaj

    you guys already have the phone and you still need so many days to review it????
    Nobody is interested in your unboxing video..
    Of course there are reviews from other foreign forums but I want an indian forum to review it before I decide to buy it..

  • I called one of Motorola Dealers in Chandigarh(G.D Electronics) asking them about MOTO DEFY.
    That ass said a thing and i was stunned.
    Lemme quote ,”Bekar Je Phone ni bechde assi”.

    Translation: “We don’t sell SHIT Phones”.

    hohoho…Maybe i should do a flipkart then. It’s 17999 there ;-)

    • Sid

      Thats another issue i`m concerned with having never owned a motorola. Most dealers i`ve spoken to have tried to put me off a Moto, as impressed with the defy as I am, i`m having second thoughts considering the galaxy ace is round the corner!

      • Dmrt85

        When is Galaxy Ace/cooper releasing that too is a big question!!!!

        how much do we wait; theres still no 2.2 froyo in DEFY???

        guess i’ll just die in confusion and won’t buy any android…:(

    • Omkar

      I don’t know where you are from but I am from Mumbai (Thane) and I am facing the same situation.. What’s even worse is retailers here in Thane and Mulund dont have Motorola stock (very few have only Quench XT3 and Milestone) and some are calling the company ********** and they say “Motorola band ho gaya.. Company doob gaya..”
      I am hesitating to do a flipkart as I wont b able to confirm that BT/BF and the Blue dot thing if I do a flipkart.. I mean what if the device they deliver doesn’t contain the blue dot or BT/BF..?

      • True. But if you buy it at a retail store and it dies not have the dot or bt/bf what will you do ?

        • Omkar

          If I am buying the device at a retail store, I WILL NOT buy the device without confirming BT/BF and the Blue dot..

        • Thank You. Blue dot is understood but what is BT/BF ?

      • Saud

        I am in the same state of situation..I called lot of mobile shops in Mumbai and Thanes they replied negative…I called croma but they also dont know about defy…

  • When is the review video ?

    • Go over you tube and search “un-boxing defy”. You’ll get over 50 videos.

  • Sid

    Any idea where in mumbai can we get this one, went to a few shops ystyday most dint seem to carry any motorola phones at all :s!

  • Sameer

    Hey Bharat , in your opinion, do you think Motorola will ever upgrade this phone to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) after 2.2

  • When will the review video be uploaded. I am desperately waiting for it as I want to buy this mobile.

  • sridhar

    in they had given that it comes with android 2.1,and later this year defy will get android 2.2(froyo) update….

  • is it powered by android 2.2 ???

  • @Bharat Did you just say ANDROID 2.2 ??????

  • Rajib

    Hi Bharat,

    What is the Android version in Defy? Is it 2.2?

  • Allahabad_student

    Can i get this phone in Allahabad?? If yes, where?? Help will be appreciated.

  • When is the Review video going to be up ?? I am waiting for it as I need your review before buying. And please explain about the blue dot mark etc.

  • Faiz sk

    but what about the froyo update wen it will be available is it for free??? plz reply fast

    • I had been to a shop where they said froyo update is given free at time of buying.

  • motorola defy without MOTOBLUR
    sounds really good!~!!!
    most of them are rooting to remove or disable motoblur..

    we ppl are really lucky…

    • Omkar

      What? Defy launched in India without motoblur? Is this confirmed?

    • on another forum Abhijeet Deb says DEFY has no logo of BLUR at the rear but COMES WITH MOTOBLUR.

  • Vikrambharadwaj

    Wow.. 18.5K????? Thats cool.. Ill buy one for sure..

  • Vijay7

    motorola store in kerala

  • Raghunandanjv

    Hi Bharat,

    Thanks for the pics. Please upload the review soon and also is their any shops in bangalore where we can get some discount by mentioning igyaan?

    “Well I wouldn’t say that either option is 100% valid. We have confidence that users with BT/BF on the label are not affected by the issue. Additionally the devices with the blue dot have been checked. They’re not likely to have the issue either.

    Motorola Support Forums Manager”

    can u verify whether it has BT/BF or a blue dot on the lable…????

    • all devices have been physically checked by Motorola and have a blue dot pen mark on the label in the battery compartment

      • I understood about blue dot. But what is BT/BF ?

    • Sameer

      Could you please explain what this comment means?

      • motorola defy has been in the dock for ear piece failure ..
        the above comment was the reply 4m the motorola support forum manager to the query..

        the phones with BT/BF or a blue dot is nt affectd by this issue…

        • Sameer

          Thanks Manoj , But what is aBT/BF?

        • bt/bf are the staring code of the serial number on the label —
          if you have a handset with BT/BF as the starting code of the serial numb or a blue dot on the label then your phone is not affected by the ear piece issue