Diwali Giveaway : Asus Zenfone 4 and Xiaomi In-Ear Earphones

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Diwali Giveaway : Asus Zenfone 4 and Xiaomi In-Ear Earphones

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Consider this the beginning of many exciting giveaways to come for this festive season. With this giveaway, we give you the chance to win a pair of these sleek earphones by Xiaomi and the Asus Zenfone 4. Simply enter the sweepstakes below.

Follow the instructions carefully and read the terms and conditions on the form as well as given here. This Giveaway is open only for residents of India.

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Watch our unboxing and hands on video with the Asus Zenfone 4 here:

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Nitya Uppal
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  • Ripon La Messi-cian Biswas

    good luck.. :)

  • Gajesh Kumar

    not me again!! :(

  • Madhab Dutta

    I think rohittkkumar doesn’t exist. It was fake both The igyaangiveaway and the Account.

  • Vineet Singh


  • Samar Rathod


  • Gajesh Kumar

    Results?? :(

  • Prashant Gajabe

    Fingers Crossed!! XX

  • Anantha Prabhu Joshi

    IGYAAN is this a freegiveaway…:)

  • Aditya Barve

    Really Need It Wish Me Luck … :(

  • Subhajyoti Golui

    Best of luck to everyone.

  • Dhairyadev

    Doing this thing since last 14 days. Hope to win!

  • Rajat

    Wish me luck. I hope I win this, otherwise I’d have to break up my piggy bank and buy the Zenfone. I’ve been doing this daily, hope the hard work helps.

  • Gajesh Kumar

    Pray for me brother
    Pray for me sister!!! :P

    Ill do for u rather!!! :P

    Lets pray for each other !!!

  • Gajesh Kumar

    A small

    The rain
    here, at my place, I feel,

    Is like how
    I used to miss my home when I was far from heel,

    I was
    floating on steel,

    On water so
    unreal, raining surreal.

    Today I am
    home wow its so real,

    And Its Diwali

    I am not

    But I think
    im ideal

    To win this
    deal, with a big appeal

    Igyaan please
    do reveal

    Me as the
    winner of this Parcel

    Wish to win
    this and celebrate Diwali for real

    Thank you

  • The white ASUS Zenfone is looking amazing… perfect for Diwali gift to My MOM..

  • Mohammed Mubeen

    Sorry I don’t celebrate Diwali, but yeah I do wish everyone a very prosperous Diwali every year. Wishing everyone the same too.

  • Ameet Tandi

    Thanks for the giveaway

  • Pritam Bakshi

    Thanks iGyaan

  • Pritam Bakshi

    Played daily iGyaan


    I KNOW I am Gonna WIN . BHARAT NAGPAL I AM ur greatest Fan & Wanna talk with u.If i am that lucky I’ll definitely get a chance!!!!! :) :)

  • Sana Shaikh

    want to win yaar

  • Gajesh Kumar

    A small

    festival of lights

    Is here to
    bring us a bright

    Let’s stand
    tight, not fight

    And make a

    To all
    those who give their sight

    Please do
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    And make
    the world a polluted Twilight

    Let’s make
    it right

    Stand as a
    knight and show our Might

    Now that’s alright

    Just wanted
    some Limelight!! :P

    For the
    prize fight!! :D

  • Dhananjay

    Diwali Gift !

  • omkar prabhu gaonkar

    Finger Crossed!!
    God please make my diwali special!! so that i have one more diwali story to tell IGyaan

  • sairajeswari

    done team :)
    wish to win first time in Give away :)

  • Gajesh Kumar

    Fingers crossed
    Eyes broad!! :P

  • Giridhar bavana

    Done..I would be happy to be the lucky one to win this giveaway.I don’t need these goods,all I need is a mouse pad with iGyaan logo or that unboxing knife :)

  • VimalJ

    I done ;-)

  • hai2shebin

    All done!! Hope this diwali will be special to me by winning one of the gift from igyaan.

  • Harsh Vardhan

    Thanks for the Contest Team!!Hope to get lucky and make this Diwali more Special :)

  • Vipin Meshram

    i wish this diwali will bring some happiness to my life

  • Uday Chandran

    I pray to GOD that I would get this one atleast. :)

  • Sana Shaikh

    want to win…please god make my day special

  • Vinit Nair

    Thanks iGyaan for the Contest. I hope this is the Best Diwali ever if I win these cool Gadgets! :)

  • Tarun Mehta

    I am a big music lover and it will be my pleasure if i win the xiaomi headphones. Fingers crossed for the result

  • Hope igyaan makes this diwali to my bestest diwali with the asus zenfone 4 finger crossed :)

  • Amit

    Best diwali gift I will ever had… love to have asus zenfone 4.. A great phone from ASUS

  • Jitu Tripasa

    Entered in the competition….hope i win

  • Prashant Gajabe

    Happy Birthday to Me! If I get this I’ll Gift it to My Dad.!!

  • Vinit Nair

    Hoping for the better luck..

  • Shanky Yadav Jungly

    Igyaann. Love to have

  • Samuel Thomas

    Thanks iGyaan for the Contest. I hope this is the Best Diwali ever if I win these cool Gadgets! :)

  • VimalJ


  • VimalJ

    GO GO GO

  • Himanshu Rai

    I donated my crackers money to a cancer patient. :) feeling noble

  • Anantha Prabhu Joshi

    This DiWaLI will be awesome if this phone gonna be mine :D :D thanks for this wonderful OPPORTUNITY GIVEAWAY IGYAAN…:D :D fingers crossed

  • Pulkit Jain

    IGYAAN ,this time you will create a special story for me cuz m gonna get this zenphone :D
    Anyways jokes apart,Thanks again for giving us an awesome opportunity to grab this beauty,you guys are doing great,keep it up :)
    Keep proving us with your helpful reviews.
    This Diwali,Celebrate IGYAAN Style ;)

  • Vishal Khedkar

    I wanna gift this to someone to make their diwali happy. Fingers crossed!

  • Pawan Yadav

    hope so be lucky this time:)

  • Mr. Williamson

    While answering for the option “Invent your own option” – I hit enter to enter into new line – unfortunately the incomplete story got submitted. Pl fix the “hit enter to enter into new line instead of submit” test case.

  • Shreyas Devangodi Girish

    diwali would be more fun if i’d win in this contest. comeon igyaaan.. give me some goodies ….

  • honey

    Palak ka sher : Hum aaye hain igyaan ke ghar mein is umeed mein ki hume hi milega giveaway
    Saturday saturday kardi rehndi ee kudi Saturday saturday kardi rehndi ee

  • Garvit Gothwal

    Nitya please give the Asus zenfone 4 to me , i need it cause my father broke my Samsung galaxy Fit while he was drunk and i need internet for studies and daily reference….
    Please Nitya.

    I am an old iGyaan Subscriber and i got got my reference to buy the Samsung galaxy fit from iGyaan only !!

  • Omkar Aradwad

    Xiaomi or asus please be mine this time…!!

  • sunny

    Keeping Fingers Crossed

  • Aditya Manu

    ZenFone…be mine… :D

  • Vikas

    This time ohh god plz ….i want to this new gen fone the ZENFONE..

  • siddhu

    i want to Get those Mi Piston Earphones……….Hope I won it…:)


    Thanx fr dis awesome #giveaway really want to win Zenfone!

  • Rajat Tandon

    Thanks igyaan and Bharat you never disappoint your fans … great diwali giveaway … :)

  • Aishwar Babber

    iGyaan iGyaan
    Yes Papa
    Zenfone Giveaway
    Yes Papa
    Telling lies
    No Papa
    Where is the Giveaway?
    Ha Ha Ha

  • Subhajyoti Golui

    Done…Hope to win this time.

  • Yash Bhamare

    Thanks for the giveaway !!!!.
    i wanted to have this phone
    but currently its not available on flipkart…
    Its a really gud fone….
    hoping to win it…!!

  • yavvee

    Thanks for the giveaway! But can you tell me why flipkart has permanently discontinued the earphones? I was so waiting to get my hands on the beautiful piston design earphones!

  • Amogh gupta

    When u were giving 1+ ?? bt thnx fr this as well hope I win :

  • Nitin Chauhan

    Hoping for the better luck..

  • Vinit Nair

    Hope this time my luck wins

  • Chidambar Kulkarni

    I would love to win, This phone is loaded with great functions. I love new technology and this would be a super win.

  • As?w?? Parmar

    I think if I win I’ll enjoy my 15 minutes òf fame.I’ll enjoy the phone much longer and never forget my appreciation to iGyaan. Bcoz chances are insanely low with how easy it is. Still, keep the faith so You have to enjoy the small things in life as well as the big things. If I don’t win, congratulations to whomever does win.

  • Shanky Yadav Jungly

    Hope this time my luck wins

  • Shashank Chourey

    And here we go again.. another fake giveaway..
    But hey I’m gonna play it. :P

  • Aishwar Babber

    After getting fooled by fakekart
    I m ready for another give- away….