4 Simple Tips to Help Safeguard Your Smartphone this Monsoon

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4 Simple Tips to Help Safeguard Your Smartphone this Monsoon

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While we’re relieved the rain is washing away the scorching summer, monsoon can be tedious. Clothes don’t dry, the roads are mucky, and you’re perpetually losing your umbrella. More than anything, our precious smartphones need protection. Now, unless your phone comes with an inbuilt mechanism that expels water as it comes, it is most likely that it need protection.

To make sure you have a happy monsoon, we bring some easy hacks to protect your phone:

1. Use a spare phone


In this case, the saying ‘better to be safe than sorry’ should be implemented. You can just leave aside your smartphone at home and use a spare phone for a while, maybe a Nokia 1100 or a reliable oldie that has what it takes to withstand the season. But remember to cover up your old device with a safe plastic casing.

2. Zip Lock

zip lock

Normally, Ziplock pouches are used to store food or medicines. But it is also one of the cheapest ways to protect your phone from getting drenched.

If this option is not available, any plastic bag would work out just fine. These are the most basic methods to protect your smartphone, and it always works out.

3. Use Cling-film or Balloons

Another low-cost method, cling film can help save your smartphone from the damage. Cling-film is a plastic foil with which our mothers used to pack us our tiffins. Tight and air-locking, this is yet another cheap method to protect your smartphone.

Wondering how you can use a balloon? Take an inflated balloon and place the phone on it, screen side facing towards the balloon. Now slowly, start deflating the balloon till the end. You will see the mobile completely wrapped up with the rubber around it. The cover is water-tight and will protect your phone from the water-induced damage. Just for more protection, you can repeat the procedure again on the other side of the handset, thus gaining a double layer.

4. Conceal the openings on your phone


Try to conceal the open areas of your phone like the micro-USB port, headphone jacks, speakers, etc with a tape. Be warned! Though this method is not a foolproof solution, it may help reducing the risk of water entering the device.

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