John Oliver Makes it Easy to Understand the Problems With Government Surveillance

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John Oliver Makes it Easy to Understand the Problems With Government Surveillance

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Wikileaks, Julian Assange, NSA, Edward Snowden, all of these names have become buzzwords for the technology community. Security analysts and experts have constantly criticised the massive collection of data by the US government. Activists world over have been trying to help people understand the threats posed by mass scale surveillance of the general public in the name of anti-terrorism initiatives.

John Oliver, known for his quirky humour and giving a new life to objective reporting, has now taken up the cause. He went to Russia for an interview Edward Snowden, the man who showed us how the National Security Agency (NSA) of America and GCHQ from the UK were snooping on all internet communication. This was called as a massive breach of the privacy of world citizens, but the common public didn’t really appeared concerned with the significance of these revelations.

So John gave a simple analogy for everyone to understand; “the government is stealing your dick-pics”. With the help of the technical expertise of Edward Snowden, John shows how the government can snoop in and steal private data (including intimate pictures and videos) of the general public. This revelation will come as a shock to many viewers but it will allow them to have a more informed discussion on topic of government surveillance.

Check out how John Oliver manages to convey complicated technological information in terms that will get everybody to stand up and take notice.

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