Google Celebrates Godzilla’s Creator Tsuburaya Through Interactive Doodle

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Google Celebrates Godzilla’s Creator Tsuburaya Through Interactive Doodle

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Google is renowned for recreating pop-culture nostalgia through its doodles. From Pac-man to Rubik’s Cube, these doodles celebrate the pop-culture items in our life. Today, Google has released a doodle to commemorate 114th birth anniversary of Tsuburaya Eiji, best known for creating the iconic monster lizard, Godzilla.

The doodle is an interactive game that allows the user to create his own monster movie in ten easy steps or tasks. Based on how you complete each task will result in a different film.

According to Jennifer Hom, the brain behind this doodle, the project took six months to develop. The doodle was created in association with the Tsuburaya studio, so that the doodle could capture the spirit of Tsuburaya’s works.

Tsuburaya Eiji was famous for introducing tokusatsu, a special effect technique used in kaiju or Japanese monster film. The technique involves using hand-built scale models of cities and actors in foam and rubber costumes, which results in this:

tsuburaya eiji godzilla

Godzilla (1954)

The doodle fulfills the lifelong dream of every movie buff – to create his/her own monster film. So go ahead and make the monster film you always wanted to.

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