New Reports Suggest Cyanogen Has More Users Than Windows Mobile

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New Reports Suggest Cyanogen Has More Users Than Windows Mobile

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Cyanogen – commonly known as, the modified version of Android, has managed to spread its sphere of influence above both Blackberry and Windows mobile users; suggests new reports.

Just like custom ROM's like CyanogenMod, users can easily install and try out Windows 10 on their Android devices.

Reports also suggest that while the Windows Mobile’s market share is at 2.7% and Blackberry’s at 0.3%; Cyanogen alone has worked up a feat of 3%. It is said that with Cyanogen getting huge funding and hiring new talent, their chart doesn’t seem to be coming down anytime soon.

cyanogen truecaller

Their OnePlus deal having ended, they now look forward to partnering with bigger Chinese vendors. With their approximately 50 million users, it looks like Cyanogen is here to stay.

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