Pokémon Go: Nintendo’s First Augmented Reality Game for Android and iPhone

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Pokémon Go: Nintendo’s First Augmented Reality Game for Android and iPhone

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’90s kids rejoice. If you thought you had grown out of the Pokémon craze then think again. Nintendo has announced Pokémon GO, an augmented reality app for Android and iOS users that allows users to become Pokémon trainers in the real world where they can hunt for and battle Pokémon.


The app will use real-time location information that will encourage players to explore their neighbourhood, communities, find friends and rivals to play, trade, duel, and discover Pokémons together.

Let’s be honest, as kids we’ve always wanted a Pokémon game that was more than what the Game Boy offered (though they were pretty cool as well). Now, as slightly older kids we can finally live the dream.

We’ll just leave this video here for you.

Nintendo will also bring out the Pokémon Go Plus. This is a wearable Nintendo-built Bluetooth device for the wrist so that you can play the game without having to open the app on your phone. Basically this device will beep and buzz when a virtual Pokémon is detected near your area. So if a virtual Pikachu is hanging around in your backyard, the device will buzz and flash notifying you that a Pokémon is nearby and ready to be captured. All you need now is an Ash Ketchum cap and you’re ready to ‘Go’.


Nintendo has teamed up with Google Spin-off company Niantic and The Pokémon Company to develop this AR game. Nintendo has released 3D augmented realtiy games on the Nintendo 3DS. This, however, will be the first time Nintendo enters the smartphone gaming area.

The game is expected to come out next year. It is still too early to know whether Pokémon fans are ready to walk out on to the street and wave their hands and phones in the air, trying to catch Pokémon. But for now, the video sure blows us away and the excitement is real.

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