This Awesome Camera Has 16 Lenses, Shoots 52 MP Images

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This Awesome Camera Has 16 Lenses, Shoots 52 MP Images

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Point-and-shoot cameras have become somewhat of a relic in the smartphone age. Not that you don’t spot the occasional DSLR user around some touristy place, but the charm of it all seems to have been lost. Why would you go for a bulky camera when companies like Samsung and Apple give you some of the best quality cameras right in your smartphone? Well, there’s a company called Light, a photography startup that is looking to bring back the magic of point-and-shoot cameras, with a twist.

Light has devised a way of turning a point-and-shoot camera into something you don’t see too often. The company has crammed 16 cameras into one body. This quirky idea will be seen in the company’s latest camera rightly called L16. A quick glance of the L16 and it looks like a simple rectangular shaped black device with a silver button on top. The design also sports 16 different groovy-looking circles on the face that provide a little bit of technological brilliance.


This is what Light’s founder Rajiv Laroia calls a “silent revolution”. By using the technology of miniaturized cameras used in smartphones, Light has developed the L16. The idea is to replace bulky DSLR cameras with a smaller, lighter, and sleeker looking device that is easy to carry around.

The L16 can create images of up to 52 megapixels by combining an array of shots from 16 inexpensive 13 megapixel lenses with a variety of focal lengths. There are five 35mm modules, five 70mm ones, and six 150mm modules. There’s a 5-inch touchscreen on the back where you’ll handle all the controls like settings, zoom, and focus. Light says that this sort of approach to photography should give great images even in low light while also reducing image noise. It also runs on Android and has WiFi so you can share images straight from the camera.

L16 (2)

Pre-orders for the camera have already begun at a price of $1,299. After November 6th the price tag will jump to $1,699. First orders of the L16 are not expected to ship until next summer. At this price range you can get a decent DSLR with a few lenses as well, but the company is sure that the L16 is the future of photography and that the DSLR’s time is almost up.

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