HTC Trolls Apple With its Latest Commercial

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HTC Trolls Apple With its Latest Commercial

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HTC received a truckload of criticism for coming out with an iPhone look alike with the One A9. Yes, HTC did not hesitate in ripping off the most notable iPhone characteristics. The company later came out with a defence stating that Apple copied them first.

This is fine and all, but now HTC has come out with a commercial titled ‘Be Different’, which blatantly copies (read: parodies) Apple’s ‘1984’ advertisement. More than the actual device, the commercial relies heavily on symbolism.

The theme is a familiar one. Back in 1984, Apple launched the Macintosh with a commercial that showed a woman (representing Macintosh) saving humanity from conformity (Big Brother). The idea was based on George Orwells dystopian novel , ‘1984’. Apple’s commercial became iconic for its timing, poetic spirit, and the fact that it truly ushered in personal computing.

Jump to 2015 and we see HTC pulling a ‘1984’. The commercial for the One A9 is eerily similar to Apple’s commercial. It follows the same dystopic theme. Here we have a man running through a dystopian environment with his HTC One A9, while scores of expressionless men and women (all dressed alike) march around him. But because he carries a One A9, he’s “Different” and “Bold”.

HTC CommercialThe symbolism doesn’t just end there. The true punch comes when the man finds himself at the creepiest looking dinner ever. He proceeds to jump on the table and literally kicks a pile of ‘apples’. Why does he do it? Because the apples have become boring, grey, and generic. And that’s what HTC wants you to ‘break’ away from.

As one would expect, the internet is seeing mixed responses to the commercial. While some are just cringing over how HTC has ripped of iPhone and doesn’t even deny it, others feel that the company is playing it very smart coming out with an iPhone-like phone and commercial.


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