Google Glass Patent Hints at Possible New Design

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Google Glass Patent Hints at Possible New Design

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In September 2012, before the Google Glass became the creepy privacy invader that it is seen as today, Google filed a patent for a design unlike what the original Google Glass looked like. This new design depends on the user balancing the wearable on the side of their head rather than having it rest on the nose. The Glass is designed in a snake-like flexible headband that will sit on only one side of the user’s face. This patent was finally awarded to Google on November 24 2015.

The device can be configured to fit around the user’s face keeping the display above one eye. Whether the display is limited to one eye or not is uncertain, though the use of a prism could allow videos to be seen in both eyes. The original Google Glass, as you may know by now, was criticised for privacy invasion and was banned in bars, movie theatres and some restaurants.

Google Glass Patent

Since the failure of the fist Glass, Google has been working on a second prototype that will look to make the Glass a lot less creepy. The patent could just bring the second version of the Google Glass to fruition, though nothing has been confirmed as of now. Google has been keeping the details of the Glass closely guarded.

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